Why did you close the Kaillera Cheating thread?

What’s the big deal with a thread that debates the obvious presence of online cheating? Are you afriad that someone is going to e-drive by another forum member? Get off your high horse SRK monitors let the people speak, this isn’t middle school.

Could have fooled me because you and CDL sure do act like middle schoolers.

It already contained some pretty baseless accusations of cheating. And CDL didn’t even know enough about the game to be able to properly determine whether someone was cheating (especially with the Fei Long qcf+P thing). That thread was pretty scrubtacular. And stop saying “obvious presence of online cheating”…

no, we’re afraid that you actually believe that every good player is a cheater

I am the biggest cheater on Kaillera

I thought I was…

Ax0r: What the HELL!? 70% on one VC
Ax0r has dropped from the current game
Ax0r has left the partyline

Yes, people cheat. It’s a fact of life. DISCUSSING it is all well and good. But it was no longer a civil thread and was beginning to escalate into a flame war.

Don’t make this thread again.