Why did you main _______?

because he/she is voted top-tier? you saw he/she win a big tourament? you like his/her fighting style? you like how he/she looks? he/she gives big damage? his/her moves are awesome? because he/she is black/asian/white/latino/middle eastern/indian/green? you used him/her since day 1? or is it because daigo used him? or you have no main? what made you decide to main who you main?

I main Chun-li because I’ve had a boner for her since I was 7.

Well…“boner” in the allegorical sense, since I hadn’t hit puberty yet. But you know what I mean.

I have honestly played her in every SF game and every Vs game (Except for MVC2) at some point.

I switched to Dee Jay in ST/HDR because I like is playstyle more. I tried switching to him in SSF4 (:sad:), but had to switch back to Chun because I can’t hit his absolutely frustrating links.

Generally, I seem to gravitate toward females more in fighters (although I’m male). My mains have been as follows:

SF: Chun (Cammy at one point in HDR/SF4)
Alpha Series: Sakura
Tekken 2: Jun
TTT: Jun/Eddy
Soul Calibur: Seong Mi-na/Xianghua
Tekken 6: Christie
Blazblue: Noel
KOF: My team always has Mai.
Garou: Hotaru
VS: Lilith
Gem Fighter: Ibuki
Ehrgeiz: Yoko

I’ve never understood why, but I tend to like faster characters overall, so other than aesthetic purposes, that’s part of it.

If I ever tried to pick a main in Arcana Heart, my head would probably explode.

Still looking for a main, but right now I am leaning towards Cammy. She has a good rushdown and can punish you HARD(she hits like a truck). I also don’t feel defensive using her(unlike me using Viper).

You should honestly never be defensive using Viper. She’s about taking charge and mixing up and making her opponents guess wrong.

Maining Ibuki/Cammy because I like rushdown and I like to finish my opponent off in like 10 seconds. Not really fun to play Turtle Fighter 4 and win half the time because of the clock. Been considering picking up Rufus since he’s also a good rushdown character.


Fei Long.

-he’s asian (like me)
-he’s an homage to bruce lee and kenshiro from fist of the north star
-good pokes
-a decent anti-air (sorry dictator D:)
-chicken wing pressure/links into rekkas
-the quick speed of rekkas


  • I like his mix ups
  • I like his combos
  • I like his options
  • I like the character itself

VEGA on word SEXY lol

because i try almost all the characters and vega suit my play style and i beat most of my opponent with him and they get salty.
people don’t know how to take vega on
Vega is in a tier of himself not low or high
when you win with vega especially against top ryu, balrog u just have to look at there salty, hating, mad, raging face
Secondary are Guile(since sf2), Balrog, Bison(since sfa2), Adon(since sfa2), Cody

hoping for Birdie as DLC

and Street Fighter X Tekken Guile & Charlie Team

Dudley. His moves look dope.

Blanka - Ive loved him since I was 12.


She is a cheap bitch.
She has easy connecting ultra, and one that shuts your shit down.
Her fucking sweep.
Oh and every other of her cheesy pokes.
Her FA doesn’t completely blow.
Minimal effort for MAXIMUM WINS. Seriously though if I’m pissy some day I’ll just go online and cheese out with her.
Her downside is the fact that it looks weird playing a chick if you’re around people (Read: judging family members). Oh and that she’s dumb as hell. I still find ways to lose with her since I am retarded and keep thinking that mashing focus is a good idea.


He is a lot of fun to use.
Throwing rocks is beast.
Laughing at every given moment is beast.
His back throw is as badass as it is useful. And beastly.
He is considered mid-lowish on the tiers, so I can make excuses if I get beasted.
If other people who have lives (not me) watch me play him, they don’t make fun of me.
The only thing that I don’t like about him is his Alt 2 BUT WHATEVER

I main Fei Long.

I’ve chosen and stuck with him since Street Fighter II. I gravitated to him because at the time, I was going through an obsession period over Bruce Lee. So when I rented SFII, and saw a Bruce Lee-esque character, I just knew who I had to play as. Fortunately for me, his move set compliments my play style. As much as I like Fei Long, I don’t think I would have stuck with him for the long term if it did not.

I started out trying to main Ken and Akuma whom I used in previous SF games.

I then started getitng more serious and watched a bunch of higher level gameplay videos. i really liked the aggression and non stop rushdown that balrog can do. i just love how he can put non stop pressure on people and after trying him out a bit his playstyle meshed with me.

that is why i main him.


oh i also LOVE how balrog tends to make people rage hard. that is icing on the cake.

I main Cammy because her pressure game is second only to Rufus’s IMO (dive kicks, obv…), and I don’t like playing Rufus on a pad because I can’t plink well. :bgrin:

Why do you need to plink to play Rufus?

DJ: Just fits my play style.

Fuerte, because he is fun to play, fast, and it didn’t take me as long to feel like I could compete against shotos with him (scrub online excuse, but truth).

Bison: simply because im still a newb and he’s the character i’ve managed to get the most luck wins with.

Chun Li, much like the first reply, only then since I was 10^^ I’ve played her in every game since 2, with only slight deviations now and then(she got to partner with Rogue in certain games). I tend to flock to female characters because of an enjoyment of the characters appearance as well as speed. With Chun there is the added bonus of control, which leads to my current true main.


I wasn’t quite feeling Chun in 4(come back to her a lot more in Super, then saw the eventhubs list, haw no wonder shes been feeling more comfortable, not to mention a motion ultra instead of charge), something never quite clicked(I blame the charge moves, it’s always an aspect of her I tended to ignore, to my own detriment) and I did a lot of soul searching. Then one fine day I unlocked Gouken. He looked awesome, had a wonderful moveset(though colour me surprised when I did the SRK motion and some weird palm thing came out) and to top it off had the counters that made me fall in love with Karin back in A3. One of the slower characters I ever played in a game, but his sheer control of the game and ability to snap any opponents error in 2 with incredible punishes made me finally seriously pick up Fighting Games instead of the casual fighter I was. He is the master.

Then came Juri, a character I sometimes feel like Capcoms personal love note to me, a female character, capable of intense speed across full screen, with counters, directional fireballs and hitconfirms of shorts/jabs with tons of Ultra setups, her playstyle signifies that of mine and she looks awesome too(I tend to go for colour 1 or 8). Welcome Miss Han, I’ve been waiting for you all my life :smiley:

I also tend to mess around with Cammy(for Speed/Looks/Epic DP), Makoto(mess around with her in 3s sometimes, shes got great style and personality), Gen(the old master type before Gouken came about :D). But Chun(gots to be original Green or Alt 2 4/10), Gouken(Alt2 3) and Juri(already said which) have been solidifying themselves as the core I enjoy playing the most, both visually and playstyle. I don’t go after characters because of the tier, but you will never hear me complain about them being happening to be good, playstyle and looks come first :smiley:

In SSF4 I main Dudley, Abel and Cody. (Cody is more of a secondary.)

I use Dudley because he’s one of the coolest characters ever. His play style suits me as well, flashy, high damage rush down with some really good mix ups.

I use Abel because he was a secondary in Vanilla and I stuck with him. I love the idea of a fast grappler, Rushdown + Command grabs is a great combination.

I use Cody because I like his play style and he’s a nice contrast to Abel and Dudley who both play pretty similar in that they want to be in your face all the time. Cody plays best around mid screen baiting out counter hits and isn’t as reliant on mix ups as Abel and Dudley. He’s a defensive tank as well with some really good anti airs until you finally get knocked down then it’s game over :lol:. None of my characters are particularly strong on wake up though.