Why Didn't Anyone Enter ABC #8?


Though I know that you probably weren’t thinking that I would answer, considering that I haven’t been around Image Mishmash…at all, I would like to say that personally didn’t enter because, well put bluntly, I’m fucking neophyte (at least when it comes to what I remember from Photoshop…which is nothing…not that I knew anything to begin with) when it comes to (good) avatar-making. I also didn’t have the time, but that’s a secondary pretext.

I personally found the theme interesting (if only because I like I-no a lot and a lot of music that I listen to is rock & roll) and at least easier to pull off than the food one (heh. “Snitchers”). However, other than maybe artistic interest and ruining things as a judge, I’d be DESTROYED (too bad we don’t have Guilty Gear font) in an actual contest with what I actually know now (which, again, is nothing. Seriously, I don’t even remember how to animate [and this is assuming that my rather archaic computer’s now even lower memory wouldn’t cause Photoshop to freeze on me if I did tried ANY of that]).

Aside from that, there’s also a dismaying amount of trouble finding sprites (at least where I’m used to looking), but that, again, is just another pretext, and like I said in the beginning, you probably weren’t directly this towards me since I’m not a “usual”…

Not at all. Actually, I’m just as interested in drawing new blood as I am in keeping the regulars.

As for finding sprites, did you try the official artwork resource thread stcikied at the top of IMM?


Yes, actually. It was quite helpful, at least comparative to the aforementioned dismal current availability of things.

Still, sprites for this one shouldn’t have been difficult to produce, given that I can thing of three off the top of my head (I-no, Iori Yagami, & Zabel/Lord Raptor) that are from the three popular fighting games companies (and I know that Yagami is still up on fightersgeneration.com [despite the problems that some people, myself included, may have with Frankie not citing stuff] and that I-no and Zabel are probably on those Darkstalker and GG websites that were linked to in the aforementioned thread). breathes due to finally placing a period

So, yeah, sprites aren’t an acceptable excuse in this case, especially since no one (I personally think that people should be docked instead of have added points if there are [repetitive] uses of obvious character, but I’m not a judge and I didn’t come up with the system, so I’ll shut up) has to still to just those three. (Hell, I like the Metal Slug one you came up with [even if I like Fio] and the Metal Slug one that you have now; both of which aren’t obvious since Metal Slug is, well, Metal Slug.)

P.S. EDIT: For that Bob and George link you listed, you should mentioned in the cons that you have to be an actual member to see their forums comparative to a year ago or so.

I didnt enter bc of 3 reasons

  1. I was gone for the break

  2. its hard to make something with out internet on my pc

  3. don’t like the theme

So i would have entered somethin if just one of those problems didnt exist. But also, I had no ideah u we’re lacking entries… i might go ahead and enter one regardless bc of that.

yeah. I’ve only got 10 avs, and 2 of 'em are mine.

That means that 6/8 are guaranteed a prize…and a couple of those are by the same artist lolz


yeah i didnt join cause i dont have a comp right now and well i would use monkeyspanks but hes out for the count too he has no net so were both kinda stranded on a desert island. but for sure ill join the next one sorry quinche :sad:

man wtf i saw what most ppl put "I Know I Won’t Win. I’m too intimidated by the artists I think are better than me. " now thats just stupid its not like your wasting money you ppl got nothing to lose. if you lose oh well try again.

:mad: :nunchuck:

I was wondering why spanks never thanked me for giving him prem…


ill make sure he says it ill make him say it outloud or something to compensate like an ava that says thanks quinche for the prem :wow: . oh well i guess it aint a waste were brushing up on mvc2 and 3s so its all good :clap:

Well gqac, I think its because the holiday season this time around that many people didn’t have time to enter abc #8 & also to tell you the truth the theme is kinda whack, well imo anyway.
I’m not into rock & roll…so…yeah…but I really enjoy your ABCs. Gives me a chance to hone my photoshop skills and learn for you guys. :tup:

Keep up the great work kids.

i picked other because i’m a judge, but i think it’s the holiday season that’s the biggest problem…

Everyone is just too damn good for me!!!

But seriously next time perhaps the theme should be something 2d fighter
related again. Seems that is whats on peoples minds around here.

simply put, theme sux

The theme is fine.

It’s you people that suck.

Obviously when push came to shove you guys ran the other away.

I thought the theme was cool. I was expecting some really cool avatars :confused: I guess SRK doesnt know how to rock?


To be honest, I just don’t have the proper skills to keep up with all these other insane mad avatar photoshop skills guys.

I do most of my garbage with MS-Paint. and Ulead Gif animator. I would like to join, but I just am not that good.


Same here man, but I try.
You should enter 'em anyway just for the fun of it. Thats what I do. Its all fun & games. Give it a shot.
See you @ the next ABC.

Its all about self-improvement. Quite a few of the judges know their art theory and their critisism will help you along the way.
btw thats the 2nd wrestling bkg ive seen you rock, where do u get them from?

I’ll be entering a shitty one tonight.


Oh yeah for you chickenshits who think some of us are better. Who gives a damn, people BEAT ME. Anyone could win. Just particpate anyways.


I just get them from various games. Find then rip the image. And yeah, guess it is all about self-improvement. After all I just learned how to crop images in Photoshop to merge them with other images. (that’s how far behind I am with photoshop)



Thanks for the motivational speech, I wouldn’t want to be feces from a chicken. So I’ll probably join one of these times. Once the theme strikes me and I can come up with an Idea. (and turn it in on the designated time without forgetting)