Why didnt HDR look like this?


Ovbiously the game looked like this at one point.

Shoto’s NOT looking TOWARDS the screen, Ken without the stupid smile, or the extra tuft of hair stupidly sticking up.

Sirlin uses your tears as sustenance.


itwas but it was taking too long and for other technical reasons it couldn’t work so they have to completely rescrape it.

I think that some new artists took over.


my shoto clone doesn’t look like i want him to!!!

Their original art design was way too ambitious (8 shades per colour), and the artists involved produced work that was very uneven, so they scrapped it all and started over with a simpler process (4 shade per colour).

You should be thankful. Having to do the art all over gave Sirlin the time he needed to put in the rebalanced mode.

:rofl: at complainin about Art.

But yah, it would’ve been cool but too much time to do it.

I dont actually like remix mode. If I have an SDTV available, I play Super Turbo or Anniversary.

Whats wrong with that? Its a widely shared opinion that the game is less aesthetically pleasing than the original. Only that it actually works with HDTV, unlike the old graphics, that would super pixelate.

The screen pictured, looked good.

You have this option which is universally agreed upon.

And to hell waiting any longer than Capcom made me wait. And yes I love Juggling Tiger Knee. Wouldn’t be HD Remix without it.

So to review.
Ambitious? Yes.
Time and Money consuming? Very much so.
Regardless of the latter is HD Remix the Crack? Fuck Yeah!!!

Maybe they can show that love to the next HD Remix project.

Art what this port was all about untill Sirlin added the whole remix aspect. Though to complain about it now seems a little late.


the game in motion probably looked even worse with that art style. if they couldnt iron out all the inconsistencies with a vastly more simply art style what makes you think they could with that one?

I’ve been bitching since day one. LOL.

But I didnt know that the game looked BETTER at one time, which makes things even worse IMO.

i like ken smile in the game (no homo). gos with his personality.

It didnt look better. That screencap you provided looked like garbage. The anatomy and musculature was all wrong and inconsistent, animation of that bad art would of made the game look very ugly. You are in the minority, when this game was originaly annouced and initial artwork shown, many of us hated these sprites in particular for a variety of reasons. If they would of kept these sprites in, the game would look like total trash.

OK, we get it. You hate STHD.

Now STFU about it.

Why don’t you just play ST? I don’t really like the game that much anymore either.

it looks like crap anyway

am i the only one that likes the new art :sad: