Why Didn't I Think Of This?


Over the years, I have come up with many ideas that got trademarked or created, and my genius was just set aside. First it was wine bottles with corks you could pull out without a corkscrew. Then it was breathalyzer’s in cars to prevent drunk drivers. After years of still continued heavy drinking, I decided to think of non-alcohol based ideas. One of them was the All-Fruit Tree…

well, boys and girls, that has become a reality this day:


Can we breed a cow that also yields both bacon and white breast meat? Get that bitch to lay eggs and that would cover breakfast and fajitas all in one animal.


I’m still waiting for this…

Man, that tree is impressive though.


ROFL, that chair better be cheap and easily replaced.


If people could learn Ent speak, I’m pretty sure the first thing this tree would tell us “Kill me, please”.


For the longest time I’ve been wondering why nobody ever sold cereal-flavored milk.

Can’t wait for that CTC flavor.


I got nothing to say other than cool I guess




congratz on needing 10 words and at least one edit to say it…