Why didn't the grieving mom in Civil War demand they resurrect her son?

Since Spandex gives superheroes the ability to cancel death, and since they ALWAYS come back, why not just demand they bring her son back?

if all it takes to cancel death is a costume, then give the kid a name posthumously, and he’ll be back with his mom in no time.

Why don’t the victims ever get a chance to come back?, why are only heroes special?

Because none of the readers thought her boy was a cool character.


only heroes, and their family members are exempt.

it’s bullshit.

If you mean to bring to light how heroes should stay dead when killed then I can partially agree with you. Heroes aren’t all immortal and they put their lives in danger in every issue, so it’s plausible that some will die for different reasons(if super heroes never died then there’d be no feeling that the protagonist is in danger which isn’t good). But since comics don’t have an ending, fans eventually want a character to return.

and in the Marvel and DCU, spandex contains a chemical that can raise the dead.

There is kind of an explanation for this in the Dead Girl Limited Series.

Dr. Strange straight up explained to Dead Girl how people like Colossus, Bucky, and other people like that are able to come back to life they will return even if it defies logic.

He said something along the lines of if the characters have a ‘strong will to live’ it is possible for them to return and the universe will re-write an explanation for it. You can call this a magical loophole in the Marvel Universe if you want. :rofl:

So yeah, that little boy’s desire’s not strong enough and he’s not a major Marvel player. Besides, it’s usually capes that return from the grave unless they are major civilians - see Thunderbolt Ross and Betty of the Hulk.

Oh and DC can just pin everything on the recent ‘Crisis’ if they don’t feel like explaining a character ressurection, see lesbo Batwoman. :looney:

I agree that bringing any character back from the dead is STUPID no matter how you do it, but you know what? It sells books. Even I buy the books when these characters come back to life just to see how stupid and / or brilliant it will be. That’s just how superhero comics are. Paraphrasing what Lint said before since he’s been really active on the Forum today… At the end of the day, you just hope that the explanation is good (Bucky and Colossus) and hope that it’s not stupid (Norman Osborne and Jason Todd).

And on the flip side you hope that they at least do good things with the ressurected characters, which I can say for everyone I’ve mentioned except for Jason Todd… I hope Dini does good things with him in 51 Countdown. They can still reveal that Jason Todd’s been the new leader of Outsiders all along like many people suspected, I’d actually love it if they said that but that window is closing a little more every day… him being the Red Hood in Countdown is interesting, I’ll say that much. I wouldn’t want my homeboy Dick Grayson wearing that lame Kingdom Come get-up. :rofl: