Why Dissidia is a failed fighter

It’s the camera. This is the fatal flaw Dissidia has. You see, a fighter, even in 3d, requires a camera set to display the battle from the side perspective. This allows you to gauge ranges of attacks more easily. So for instance, if you wanted to slash Cloud with your sword, you’d be able to see exactly how far away you need to be for your sword slashes to land.

With the behind the character camera Dissidia uses, you can’t tell anymore. You have to basically guess if you are within range to hit an enemy with your various melee attacks. You can try to slash Cloud and miss before you were a few paces too far away to hit him. This is a very flawed system, and is the reason why real fighters in 3d use a side view camera. In addition, with a behind the character view camera, you can’t see the most interesting parts of your character, all you can see is their backs, the back of their heads, and their asses. Sideview lets you see their faces and everything else.

Another problem is lack of depth. In Tekken and Virtua Fighter, you can perform some moves using various motions such as qcf motions, back forward motions, SRK motions, and so on. With a behind the character camera, this can’t be done. How could you input back forward punch with a camera like that? Or qcf kick? You can’t. hell, VF’s motions would be impossible with such a camera. In Dissidia since you can’t do motions like that, you just button mash. It’s very very shallow gameplay when compared to Tekken and VF.

I really hope SquareEnix will rectify this and fix the camera to the side, and in addition make the controls more like a proper 3d fighter, where you can use qcf motions and such, it would really add to the depth. Until then, I suggest a mod delete the Dissidia thread currently running, as it is not a fighting game and thus doesn’t belong on this forum. Same for that Naruto Ninja Storm 2 game. Those cameras are not conducive to fighting games.

Do people really need to respond to troll posts made by an account created that day?

I’d think it’d be obvious.