Why do all Blankas wake-up ultra?



noticeably more than any other character by far-


There aren’t alot of good Blanka’s online so most of the randoms just do what they see the other ppl do. Same reason most Gen’s spam dive kicks, Dhalsim’s only use fierce buttons, El Fuertes spam bad splashes, Honda’s use rapid fire etc.

  1. It’s 4f startup, unlike most ultras which are 9-14f startup, this means even if you meatied correctly with a jab or short you are getting hit versus something like Bison or Sagat’s U1. The only way to beat it is through blocking or a blocking OS.
    2). He can change the timing slightly and most people don’t know how to punish the ultra correctly. Hence Blanka’s can spam it without worry online.


It was blanka’s only reversal until v.2012 and it hurt a lot!
I am still doing it as an old habbit when i have no meter, i have to admit…
It is good in long sets just to make a statement from time to time! “You better don’t fuck with me”


Because his ultra is 4f and people are stupid enough to try and overhead or meaty him with slow ass moves.

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Damn, OP must have been quite salty to create this waste of a thread.


Because about 95% percent of players don’t know how to properly block it yet.


If i see a player sticking out limbs on every wake up even when i already have ultra, you can bet i will be waking up with it.


Because his U1 is unblockable, a true unblockable… you didn’t know that?


cant block it with yellow bars


Blanka forums thread of the year 2012

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Why do people do wakeup DP? Same thing… it’s a 4 frame reversal lol… I really miss the vanilla version… shit did 600 damage at lvl 3 LOL.


It recently occurred to me that I should reversal ultra more.

Mostly because the risk it carries is identical to an ex up ball. Only it doesn’t cost a bar of super. So if either one of them blocked would kill me and I’m prepared to take that risk anyway, I may as well do the ultra and not the up ball.


And Ultra 1 does a lot of chip damage (over 100 with full revenge meter)


Yes, but you loose the only way you have to make a come back with super and also, good players will beat your U1 after invincible frames.


You definitively lose more by doing ex up ball instead of ultra 1 in a situation where either blocked would kill you. Obviously reversalling from <30% is often a telegraphed play but is still often the right call. I’d rather lose the round in exchange for a shot at ~400 damage than lose the round and a bar for a shot at a crummy knockdown and a couple of jabs worth of damage.

Obviously this is if you’re doing a reversal there in the first place. But as scrubby as it might look to players around you, doing wake up ultra at 10% is a much more optimal choice than doing ex up ball. Making it strange that the latter isn’t called out as stupid more often.


Mainly because most of the blankas in the community are very scrubby, and plus, alot of people don’t know how to handle blanka and his ultras. Plus, it makes sense, why not punish a guy who is just jabbing at you on wake up with a super?


4f reversal against a character with a weird wake up hit box and weird wake up timing
20+ frames of invincibility, not -100 on block, pretty good damage on hit and block
Breaks armor, not punishable on hit

I wouldn’t even call it scrubby, it’s a good deterrent if you know your opponent or are playing in a longer set


Yes this is one of the few ultras that FOR SURE should be done as a reversal from time to time.


However, Blanka’s players can block too on wake up, i think it’s not a bad thing sometimes.