Why do all capcom games have connection issues? PSN

Why is it that all the capcom games on playstation3 always have some kind of connection issues when playing? like…

street fighter 4 = laggy

super street fighter 2 HDR = laggy or game drops, disconnection from rooms

final fight double impact = some one tries joining your game and end ups freezing the game for like 10 seconds? but fails to join then someone else tries and it just happens again and again… took me ages to even try completing the game…

ive played alot of online games and i hardly ever ran into any connection issues. just games from capcom!
I love playing SSF2THDR and its the only game i actually play from my collection of 12 games.
I know PSN is free but even free has no need for crap server problems from capcom games!

The most anoying thing apart from lag on SSF2THDR, is waiting in line in a 6 player room then getting booted when it finally comes to your turn!!! sometimes ive spent 30 mins looking for games just to play 1 match… its ridiculous!!!

Why? Probably because most of capcom games are developed for the other console first, then ported to the Ps3, then because the release version for both consoles are very similar, they end up short of time to test the games enough to fix any issue.

About SSF2THDR there are few things you can do to avoid or minimize the bugs incidence by:

-Play 1vs1 quick games, the less players involved, the less another player messes up the room.

-If you make a room, avoid making them private, can happen after 10 tries and you finally get in, the game crashes in the VS screen of the first match.

-When the game crashes in the VS screen, either it’s your console( you see the vs screen longer than usual until the oponent “leaves/quit” the match) or someone’s else console in the room (VS screen turns black and the match never starts).

-:pray:Never make a 6 man room, infinite time, 3 of 5 rounds win, yet some of these sets are popular.

-If you get the VS black screen, quit the match; if you are spectating sometimes everyone in the room gets kicked, if not, pretty much you will be in the next match of that room

-If you are the one causing the room to crash, sign out the PSN, restart the game, sometimes this option fails, so the best thing would be turn your PS3 off, turn it on, start the game/sign in. Repeat as many times as needed.

Normally the game crashes after 10 matches in average, the lowest in my case has been crashing in the 2nd match, and the highest being like 130 matches and all good, which makes me think the game was designed as a woman, yeah in a monthly basis, but hey! at least you can shut down the ps3 :wonder:

Cuz the netcode is shitty.

I like all of the suggestions in Elk’s post, though. I’ve noticed a good bit of this stuff.

You know, I’ve made a post on Capcom Unity about the horrible PS3 HDR port. Of course they won’t care since HDR is abandoned and Cap ignores all HDR posts, but whatever, I had to really vent on their product.

As for SSF4, I have no lag issues there if I play people with Yellow pings or higher. Also nice that SSF4 actually filters by region, so that helps a lot. Usually if you get a couldn’t join room, means the room is already full or something to that nature. I haven’t had many drop outs on it, which is great, but sadly I don’t much like the game.

The thing i hate about ssf4 is that they havnt made it more accesible to fight people over the pond i mean im in the uk and i can play pretty much any other game online against people from the us with no lag problems at all but ssf4 i mean wow no chance whatsoever.

Nice thread… well i’m kinda tired of demanding a new patch and “making noise”, i think capcom’s main platform is Xbox 360, that’s why they only develop in that platform and then and only then, they port to ps3, xbl= much more $$$, psn isn’t that good for online biz, so i think capcom will never!, ever, release a good game with online features for us, ps3 users.

check this out: http://www.capcom-unity.com/street_fighter/go/thread/view/7411/24928761/Why_are_u_ignoring_us?sdb=1&post_num=1#450062517

Because Capcom is known for mediocrity. It’s present in all their games.

Probably SSF2THDR wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t programmed by Backbone, well, if only one thing could be fixed I would choose to make Akuma unselectable in ranked matches and in friendly rooms being optional, yeah, no more mindless FBs up and down left and right, ha.