Why do Arturo Sanchez and Filipino Champ play such aggro Sims? Is that more manly or more knowledge?

So I always thought of Sim to be a limb using zoner that you want to keep the opponent away from you with your long limbs but those guys fight close range with Sim. Is that just better knowledge of the character that they can do that? Should they be doing that? What do you think?

Arturo said before the game came out that new Sim would be rushdown based. Early during the betas they were both trying to play OG lame Sim, but that doesn’t work anymore. His limbs and fireballs don’t have the speed or horizontal trajectory for that now. Now in order to play lame you have to use his teleport and V Skill which buffs his movement options. You have to purely run away more than use your buttons to zone.

Those same tools set up your pressure and mix up though and Sim is definitely more offensive based now with better dive kicks, quick overheads out of his teleports and left/right mix ups with fireball/EX fireball to teleport. The idea is to use your normals and dives for a bit to pester them with white chip, then set up fireballs and teleport in. While using your teleport and V Skill movement to space yourself again for the same process.

^expanding on what DJ said, Sim has a more flexible playstyle than most characters in V due to his ability to fight at most ranges, as well as the ability to switch between offense and runaway on the fly. that means you’ll see a lot of diversity in how different players approach Sim. but it also means that Sim has some matchups where he wants to play lame, and others where he wants to be aggressive. old school zoning with limbs just doesn’t cut it against a character like Rog who can EX dash punch a blocked limb and proceed to thoroughly own you. but “OG lame Sim” still works wonders against gief in 2017 :joy:

that’s not to say sim can just rush people down in neutral - rather, like DJ said, he can force people to chase him by running away with teleport and v skill, and then mix in things like drills and slides to catch his opponent of guard. much like S1 nash, unpredictability is the key to making dhalsim scary in this game.