Why do bad players always pick Ken?




I see more scrub level onis and juris nowadays


Several reasons:

Has all the basic shoto tools
His DP is hit confirmable so making it safe is easy for beginners
His Ultra 1 is big damage so their tendency to mash during pressure has a big payoff
Autopilot footsies (at low level) with step kick
Air Tatsu is a neat trick
Popular character in general


Why do boring players pick Ryu?


Pretty much hit the nail on the head.


Plus Kens move look way flashier than Ryu’s. And starting off with ken as a noob is a great way to learn the game.


because they’re too hip to play as boring vanilla ryu




and this is why akuma is underrepresented in tournaments, cuz most of the noobs quit learning him cuz their bullshit gets them killed quick


Because he’s a easy character to use and start with if you’re new to SF. I like Ken more than Ryu cuz he’s boring as hell and Ken is a cocky show off with flashy moves


I’m a bad player and I pick T hawk 0_o

Realistically I think its the flashy side to Ken and the familiarity of his moves…plus fire, you set dudes on fire. That’s exciting to new players


One time I played Street Fighter with my Korean roommate in college. He said he hadn’t played in ten years and picked Ken. I smiled. Then he destroyed me. I had forgotten that he was also Korean.


this topic reminds me of:


Older players, even retired ones, generally have better fundamentals versus the majority of new players.