Why do companies do Release Day or later game demos?

Are they not aware that

1: People sometimes need a number of days to decide if that game is worth a day 1 buy


2: Often there is some pretty good exclusive pre-order content that you can’t get just by wandering into a bb or gs after launch

Props to Tecmo for the Razor’s Edge demo coming out this early, but really, if you have a game for any system (such as, oh, Dead Or Alive 5+ for Vita) if the game comes out next week, you really should have a demo ready to go the week before release at the latest, especially if it’s so complete that it has been at numerous electronics expos in playable form.

Companies want you to fork out that $60 sight unseen for something that could be shit. They wouldn’t want to expose themselves with a demo for a game that is hot garbage, like when Silicon Knights released that Too Human demo.

Better late than never.

I’m just guessing here, but I think a demo that’s released later is going to be a more accurate representation of the final build. Early demos are works-in-progress.

I wouldn’t give them too much props, they already released an alpha for it last year, then released a full demo on the Wii U…If you know what I mean.

Why do you use tactics to encourage impulse purchases and improve your sales, videogame publishers, WHHYYYYY?!

The biggest “wtf” was when Call of Duty 4 was already selling like hotcakes and I think a YEAR LATER they release a single player demo.


NG3RE they could confidently release a demo because things could only get better after NG3…
Most companies don’t do early demos anymore because it will likely damage sales…whatever hype players have for a game will be diminished by a few days of serious demo grinding. Even if gamers think it’s good, they might hesitate to buy full price because even if they like, they played it a bit and will just wait for a price drop. DmC’s demo didn’t do it any favors…not a bad game, but the demo didn’t seem to make many players say “OMG it’s so much better, 1st day buy”.
I think that happens alot, demos kinda destroy the urgency to get a new game, unless it shows some seriously good potential(Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Rising, NG3RE over NG3)