Why do DP's (uppercuts) beat block strings when the frame data suggests otherwise?


Here’s an example,

Cammy’s hk DP has a 6 frame start up. Karin’s cr. mp is +2 on block and her mp has a 5 frame start.

That means there’s a 3 frame window between cr. mp, mp, but Cammy’s 6 frame DP can interrupt it. Why is that?

How do the mechanics regarding DP’s interrupting normals work if frame data is not the way do doing it? When is this relevant? When is it not relevant?



Obnoxiously, most of the frame data I find online doesn’t list invincibility frames. the Prima Guide is the only source that I know does and it’s a pain to use.



Look at the notes on the right column


Lol I’ve been using toolassisted’s site but never noticed the notes section… I am truly a braindead scrub. Thanks for the tip