Why Do Fighting Game Ports Take So Long?

Simple as the thread title says, why?
The only reason i can think of is that they want to make as much money of the arcade as possible.
It’s not like they have to translate anything like an rpg.

Im not sure but this, but it seems to apply to 2d fighters, tekken 5 came out pretty fast, im not sure on how long vf took.

Back in the mid 90s in SF heyday, it didnt seem so bad, im not sure how long it was exactly before SF hit the snes maybe someone can fill me in.

I guess it wasnt so bad back then because i still had arcades around where i could play the latest games.

Unlike now, im mainly forced to wait for ports that can take upto a year to arrive.
As was the case for kof neowave, it pains me when i see games like ngbc out, and know i problay wont get to play it till next summer.

so how long do you think before we see ports of these games:

im going to guess next year june/july times, far too long :sad:

Games like Tekken make a killing on home consoles. Games like KOF, NGBC, SS dont - all the profit comes from arcades.

For Tekken, they can have both version released close to each other because both casual and hardcore players are interested in the game (having the PS2 controller option was a good idea, because it made casuals go to the arcade). KOF only has the hardcore.

Thats why the ports take so long and come with extra characters, new backgrounds and so on - so the same guys that play in arcade will have a reason to go back to the game when the arcade life is starting do die out (NeoWave lasted about one year in arcades, around the same for 2003 and so on).

This brings other issues:

  1. If the game is really good, like KOF2002, then the hardcore players will not stop going to the arcade, or trade the arcade version for the console version.

  2. KOF:MI was console-only. And it sold better than every 2D KOF does nowadays. What the fuck does that mean? Is it just because its 3D?

P.S: SNKP usually releases the games in Japan one year after arcade release, by the way.

I doubt that most of those games on the list will even leave Japan. The only one I can really see coming out elsewhere is KOF and maybe NGBC.


MI sold better because it was 3d, and because it was marketed.

Simply put- SNK would be better off spinning KOF into 3d-style graphics, while keeping the gameplay the same. MI proved it was doable, even if they didn’t really do it.

You have some really good points there, yes the casual gamer picks up kof00/01 looks at the graphics and says “whoa check them shit graphics out” puts it back in the budget box , then walks along picks up KOF MI without even reading the description, “whoa look at them graphics, this game must be good” they buy it and walk out the shop.

Thats a casual gamer for you i swear some of my friends, who are casual gamers bought tekken 5, they dont even play fighters shakes my head if i put kof on they moan.

I tell you casual gamers have messed up the gamming scene if it looks good and has good marketing it sells like hot cakes, see EA games for example.

hmm im not sure, i thought GG did well outside japan, is that not the case?
come to think of it what 2d fighter sold the most last year?
problay the 3s collection, but what after that?

KOF or SF dont need to go 3d yet or ever, its still possbile to pull of a 2d game that can blow everyone away.

Im talking about a game that looks like a real anime, no not like GG that is just a Beginning of something.
If they took that further and had a game that flowed like you was watching a disney movie it would appeal to even the casual gamer.

Maybe thats what capcom are up to, who knows.

Sammy is against releasing incremental upgrades in the US. GGXX#R was released by Majesco in the US, remember? Sammy didnt have any plans on releasing it. And GGXX/ is yet another upgrade of GGXX. Do you really think casual players care about those? They dont give a shit about playing with two extra characters (one being Sol again and the other being a character from Isuka). Its funny because the american gamer will buy Madden 2004, 2005, 2006… But they wont buy a fighting game that does the same.

Hokuto no Ken has all the legal issues that come with it.

SSTenka has an english title and its fully trsnalated already… But its a guaranteed flop waiting to happen. Nobody gives a shit about the SS series in the US. SS5 on X-Box will flop bad, and Tenka is SS5S with six grooves and more characters, so… Even if it come, itll just be sad.

NGBC and KOFXI are the only ones that will be around for sure.

Not trying to put you down, but thats how the market is.

no worries you speak the truth, besides import is always an option.

Goddammit I LOVE Samsho5. Somebody explain this: SNK US said that ps2 snk fans would have a LOT to be happy about this year. This is pretty much a direct quote. Are we supposed to be happy with just Kof MI and KOF 2k2-2k3? That doesn’t seem like a “lot to be happy about” to me. What about US getting Garou: MOTW? I know there’s someone here with a list of all the ps2 stuff they’re supposed to release this year. Tell me: is this IT? Have we gotten everything they plan to release this year for ps2? All I’m asking is Samsho5/5s (same disk, maybe?), and MAYBE Garou for US ps2.

They said american SNK fans, not “PS2 fans”, IIRC.

In the US theres nothing else coming for PS2 (well, actually theres a small chance of Twinkle Star Sprites being released… but you probably dont care about that). Sony has rejected everything already.

On the other hand, for X-Box theres KOF 94 ReBout, SS5, and NeoWave (and 2002/2003 and MS4/5).

See it for yourself:


Garou, ReBout, NeoWave and SS5 are not coming for PS2 in the US, period.

Hasn’t Sega recently bought Sammy? Or was this ‘no upgrade releases in the US’ post-Sega?

SF2:CE was already out by the time SF2:WW came to the snes. Quite some time.

edit: SF2:WW arcade was released june 1992, on snes it was october 1993 (18 months).

Remember also that porting may take a while simply because of hardware. The home port of MVC2 for the DC came rather quickly than, say, the PS2 version – because DC and arcade MVC2 ran on similar hardware.

It was before Sega-Sammy came to be, but i think Sammys staff in the US remains the same.



lol dam ok i guess it was long back in the day also.
thanks for clearing that up.

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Are you sure you have your dates right? I vividly remember playing WW for the first time at an airport in the summer of 1991 and I’m positive I was playing it on Snes the summer after. Maybe release dates are different in the Philipines, but that seems like quite a discrepancy.

:rofl: ha yea that would be funny, actually im surprised you knew where my name came from, most people dont have a clue even with a big friggin logo of contra as my av.

yea i beat contra SS game S-rank, also neo contra i unlocked lucia and bill’s erm :confused: second costume.

since your a fan you should check out this site
hasnt been updated in awhile but still its a great site.

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Rechecked. Yeah, you’re right.

Arcade SFII:WW was released Feb 1991. SNES versions was released june, 1992.