Why do Gen player always Gekirou on WakeUp?



yes we none gen players have a hard time winning against you because of the lack of matchup experience. yet many of you think that gekirou is an awesome move you have to do it on wakeup. i’m not talking about noobs but people with 1500 - 40000pp and 5000 - 10000bp gens… yes, it’s kinda weird to punish it and yes, if my punish wiffs you get a free ride… i get it… for sakes, why do you have to insist on doing this move over and over on wakeup?


Stop going for stuff like overheads. Two reasons I go for it. Floaty cross up pressure, I buffer it until you cross me up and then I do it. Overheads, I do it. The odd time I get caught and they do a low attack and it whiffs, but that’s 1% of my Gekiro attacks. I don’t do it all the time and I don’t mash unless they do it to me and I’m almost dead I think fine eye for an eye. 98% of my Gekiros are buffered then done on reaction.

I’ll tell you when it’s over used, after blocked oga or roll


same reason blanka players do wake up ultras and wake up electricity.

bad players=bad habbits


Hahahahaaaa, if you are so desperate for an answer then I will give you

  1. Because I like the look on our opponents face when we kick them repeatedly waterfall style
  2. Because of the mind fuck knowing that if you try to hit Gen out of it you get a foot in the mouth
  3. To teach ya not to attack like a moron
  4. Because its flashy
  5. Because I just love it.

seems you are getting hip by alot of it lol! sorry dude I will bring my can of salt next time. lmao


Because it’s the only move with startup invincibility we have. We don’t have any easy way out like EX rainbow ball, so gekiro is the only choice for when we are unable to guess what the opponent will do on our wakeup. Since Blanka is such an erratic character, using gekiro on wakeup against him is probably rather common.


That question doesn’t make any sense. If they are doing it and you can’t punish it, it’s normal that they will keep doing it. Punish it with reversals instead of waiting for Gen to land. Note that Gekiro (except EX one) can be beaten my normals at its startup, resulting a counter hit.


Bendermac, my respect for you has gone down considerably.


Because you can’t punish it. That is a perfect reason to keep doing it, it stops your pressure completely because you have no way of dealing with it.

Here is something that will probably blow your mind… in the time it took to make this thread you could have found out how to punish them! Imagine that, actually dealing with the problem instead of whining about it. Sounds ridiculous, but it works great once you get the hang of it. :slight_smile:


HOLY SMOKES BAT MAN!!! This guy has a point! :open_mouth: It’s as if sense and logic have been IMBUED into him from birth instead of crying about something he can use these gifts to beat something which clearly has so many gaps and weaknesses, somebody give this guy a teaching job to scrubs who whine about a move like Gekiro… :slight_smile:


Foolish Whelp!


Amateur! Aoi-Wa!


What Mike and Kiryu said…


i think you guys are taking his thread out of context.

i notice when i play against a gen player, if he has meter, hes burning it. there are a lot of you guys with this terrible habit.

my signals of a terrible gen player

  1. U2. every match up
  2. crane 99% of the match
  3. crouch block, wall dive, jump in. nothing in between
  4. mantis for mashing normal and ex giekro
  5. wake up ultra if no meter for DP

i dont think he was saying he gets hit by it all the time. but he sees, like i do, that many gen players are bad


It’s easy to safe jump, but its tricky because it has 15 active frames and you can do one follow up kick for another 14? frames, but its easy to punish as long as you respect that hit box when he is flying in the air.

In short it’s a gimmick, and theres plenty of Gen players online ( At least in europe ), I don’t understand why people complain about experience. USA not reppin’ Gen?


I agree as well. Some Gen’s do perform it way too much. I’m not trying to tell someone to change or whatever. But just a simple tip. Watch most players, they don’t do anything unless someone flinches. Sako said it best in an interview. Someone had made a comment towards his “random wake up ultras”. Sako replied when asked about it, that he makes a guess when he sees his opponent’s animation start-up. Whether it’s a fast recovering move or not. I tend to do the same. It’s a gamble, and can be a high one at that. But I will tell you if you can control and just go with your instinct I will tell you. My wake up hit rate is pretty high. I’m not trying to brag or say I’m godlike. I’m not. I’m not as good as Sako but I tend to do that right. Years of sitting and waiting in Counter Strike waiting for someone to run by a door way when holding a bomb site. Just years of practice.


i already know how to punish it…

blanka’s upball beats it clean, so does electricity. also balrogs cHP beats it, i just wait a little and BAAAAM i blow you up.

i wasn’t whinning about it. i was asking why many gen players keep doing it. at first it’s so weird but once you play a few matches against gen -> blow them up. very very bad happid

because i ask why gen players do this? i have nothing against gen or gen players.


ex rainbow ball is no easy way out. you can beat clean when you know when to press a button.


And same goes with gekiro. But did I tell you that gekiro is such an awesome move?

My own personal reasons: I would use it on wake-up like a DP if I make my opponent become predictable, and to remind them that I dont always play safe and not hesitant to do a high risk move because, well, I usually try to play safe (but I do realize that nothing in this game is 100% safe). I’m not going to limit my own options just because risk is higher than reward, reason being that resorting only to the safest options makes this game that less appealing to me.


I do it for one reason and one reason only: ha ha ha ha AMATEUR!!!
like Gen himself implies you must be an amateur to be hit by it lmao!!!