Why do I constantly get paired vs Japanese?



I wish pairings would work better in terms of locality. Or maybe Japan needs its own XBL network. Am I unlucky? Or maybe its cause I play too late at night.


Answered your own question.


choose low ping games…


How late do you play usually? I sometimes play up until midnight and am able to play against American players.


Dude, that doesn’t matter. Even if you were to create a room for some reason you will get high pingers in your room. I think that’s thanks to Quick Match…


You search for a custom and pick one with low ping. I fail to see why this doesnt matter.


Ya sometimes that works but that’s just the ping to that one person. Someone else in that room could be playing from Timbuktu for all you know.


Because choosing your own low-ping games doesn’t often seem to match me vs. better players, usually.