Why do I even play this game?

I live in fuckville Indiana where my connection sucks ass so it’s impossible to find a game that isn’t laggy as shit. I don’t have the money to travel to ny/cali for tournaments to get experience. No arcades here. No competitive scene. Why am I wasting my time?

Is anyone else in this situation? I really want to play and get better, but I can’t get any real experience.

Well, I live in an area that isn’t nearly as bad as what you’re describing, but the fact that you even have a copy of the game means something. Surely there is at least one other person in your area that is either 1) playing street fighter or 2) played street fighter as a kid, and when introduced to this “new game” by you, would like to play more.

Creating a scene can be tough, especially in podunk-ville. However, it can be done with two or three non-socially inept people. Just put the word out there. Make a web presence (maybe a facebook group?), make a thread here at SRK with your town’s name in it, scour other threads for the name of your town or any of the surrounding towns, etc. etc. You’ll have to think outside of the box and go out of your way to get people to come play, but you’ve got nothing to lose, you know?

If it’s not for the game play, its just the love for the fight. I only play for the multiplayer, to me these tournaments are overrated. Though I do hate lag but not that much of a loser to go to these events.

Where in Indiana?

We have active scenes in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and West Lafayette with threads in the Regional Matchmaking section

There are also some people in Bloomington (I forget if they have a thread or not), and you might be able to find people through this facebook group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=145266788830881. It’s for BlazBlue, obviously, but people might play other games as well.

add to that list that the game isn’t good.


No but seriously that’s pretty normal. If you enjoy the game play it anyway. Become a pro at execution and when you get a chance to move somewhere, hopefully it’ll be close enough to some kind of community. Trust me there is a tremendous amount of stuff you can work on alone. If you really dig the game eventually you’ll make shit happen.


No lie I was in kind of the same position as you. I didn’t have the means to travel to tourneys, no one around me played or wanted to try to get better, and at the time I didn’t have internet.

It all happened one slow step at a time. First I got internet which allowed me to semi-improve my game online and get in touch with people on SRK. Not gonna lie I got kind of lucky since I found out one of the people I met on Live lived close to me. Honestly all the credit goes to Phatal PHD since he took the initiative and contacted me and a few others regularly to develop a small gathering.

Fast forward about 2 or so years now and we’ve been to a few tourneys and even have a small scene with a regular venue finally established in our area that gathers bi-weekly. we even have decent turnouts just about every time (and still increasing).

Honestly it’s just finding the right people which can be hard but is worth the trouble if you really want to play and get better. It all depends how passionate you are about getting competitive or even just finding other people to play regularly with. It sucks to be in your situation but I can tell you if we gave up at first over here there would most likely be no scene here at all. Why not be the guy who creates the scene where you live lol?

play mvc2 :tup:

Better yet, play Third Strike. It’s a good game.

Instead of closing and saying something snarky, I figured maybe this is a topic the Newbie Saikyo Board could handle. What could this person…or anyone living in a similar state of buttfuck no where…do to get their local scene rolling? Posting in the regional boards is a first step, but what else could these unfortunate souls do?

Are you going to live in fuckville Indiana forever?

Make a scene. Probably a daunting task, but if you want to get better/ meet new people then it’s worth a shot :smiley:

Really though, where in Indiana?

I like without mentioning it, everyone knows this guy is talking about SSFIV.


I have a hard time believing you can’t get a playable connection to anyone. I live in rural Michigan, about two hours from Detroit, and I get plenty of playable 3 and 4-bar connections. You don’t have to go to New York or California for competition either. Just go check out the regional boards and play with whoever lives in your state. Even if you don’t want to drive to locals all the time, at least you’ll meet people you can play online with good connections.

Because socializing with people in real life is definitely what makes one a loser.

My advice to you is to make use of the greatest tool of our time: the Internet. I come from Greece, where arcades were banned for a certain period of time, and I always thought that there weren’t many people who played fighting games…until I started reading Tekken Zaibatsu (I played Tekken a lot back then) and discovered their regional boards. I said to myself “Screw it. I’ll post and see if there is at least one person out there.” Lo and behold, I get a response that there is actually an active scene. That was in a time before all of these marvelous easy-to-use-out-of-the-box fancy shmancy social networks we have today. It will cost you virtually nothing. Just some time and energy. If you really want this to happen then your time will not be wasted.

Did you not hear the man? He resides in the down home country town of Fkville, Indiana, the "Not Giving a Fk Capital of the World"

Oh look, it’s Mr popularity on SRK!

If you imply that going to tournaments makes you a loser, I don’t think this website is for you.