Why do I feel nostalgia when I hear this song?


song starts @ 6:50 mark.


youve probably heard it before. close thread


youve probably heard it before. close thread


Ummm, because you’ve heard it before in a time long forgotten when you had a blast gaming? Perhaps part of your childhood as this game is pretty dated by now.

Anyway, coincidentally i also looked up a similar vid recently after seeing a thread about this series on another board. Back in the days of the Sega Dreamcast i played this game a lot but never beat it and was curious to see how it ended. This game was pretty damn weird with its tangled, complex time travel, paradoxes and what not.

Its too bad this series does not get more appreciation. Meh.


thanks for explaining it to me, I really appreciate it. I remember playing both SR1 SR2 and SR3 plus blood omen 2, and I now remember that whenever Raziel is near Kain that this is the song played and the song pumps me up.


youve probably heard it before. close thread


why does this have it’s own thread?
why did I open this thread?
why don’t you have AIDS yet?


Probably the same reason you don’t.

Canada + dumb luck.


Remember one of that games selling points was being able to take a sharp object off the wall and impale baddies with it, or throw baddies on them. CUTTING. EDGE. GAMING!

Hey wait, it’s 2012. How comes God of War sells so much when it’s main selling mechanic is QTE? I’m confused :confused:


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lol dbl post bug on a thread about nostalgia. the forum is self aware, and has a sense of humor!


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