Why do i feel such hatred

ok i only play online and i take most challenges the only time i refuse to play someone is when they use ken and or cammy, i will admit i have a problem playing them .

I just feel they are so incredibly noob friendly that anyone can master to mash out their high priority attacks and link their norms to mashable combos lp lp srk, even linking lp to mk
seems far to easy with ken. Yes i did learn him at one point he even feels scrubby to play, as does cammy.

Anywho my whole point is basically their whole fucking playstyle is built around a noob friendly, mashable , few frame invunrability bitch of a move and mind games based around their mashability during blockstrings…give me your sagats, ryus, and zangiefs but you can shove your kens and cammys up your ass
ill just refuse to acknowledge their existence in sf4 and when ssf4 comes out ill still refuse to play them as i know the shortcut for srk will be there

OK to finish my rant ryu and sagat for example have this mahing srk shit to even being able to link it to ultra, but i dont mind losing to them ill pick out what i could have done better and move on but when its ken/cammy i just lock down into the fuck that bullshit mentallity. I am doing 1 frame links FDC’s to extend combos and your just hit confirming and option select throwing your way to victory, learn a real character and not one put there to give new players a fighting chance…i know this is wrong how do i change my mentallity? im afraid its just playing them till i enjoy it :bluu: but i dont wanna

your problem is that you are trying to do 1 frame links online… that isn’t gonna happen. You need to play offline or try and only the best of the best connections but even then online is still online.

Bait the reversal and punish. Your using akuma I assume?

Just hold down back against Cammy. She honestly has nothing to get past someone sitting on block other than to walk up and try to throw.

because you play sf4 and you post on srk. that’s a very deadly combination.

1u dont try,
2cammy is A LOT more harder to play than ken.
3 u need to try
4 stop whining because “u dont try” or “refuse” play them. what are you going to do when u have to face them in a offline tournament. I FORFEIT the match because i dont want to play against ken or cammy?
5 just play against them bait block punish and learn the match ups and deal with it.

you have to wait, bait those moves out and counter them. im a gen player and blanka in my view gen worst match up becuse he so safe with those blanka balls so i cant do much against a blanka who runs away till i get a super and ultra so i have to be very calm. sometimes i rush him to confuse him and then i try to get him with his blanka ball, lucky most good blanka no not to do that when i have super and ultra so i have to get in close very fast.

so like cammy here moves are unsafe if you see them coming so stay back and make them mad and try to attack you.

ken well block a little more, i cant help you here becuse i dont fight a lot of kens.

Record ken and cammy doing DPs then block in training mode and practice punishing them.

Just because they have good uppercuts, and generally are picked by scrubs, does not mean they are bad characters. There are many very skilled Ken and Cammy players around. Maybe at a “noob” level they win with mashing, and maybe you need to level up your name.

Besides ken’s c.lp to c.mk is a 2 frame link iirc, so if they are linking that into preferably tatsu, they can’t be that bad.

.i know this is wrong how do i change my mentallity? im afraid its just playing them till i enjoy it but i dont wanna

Play both online AND offline. Anyway, i usually play the flowchart mashers for about 3 games. Its good combo practice and punish practice until you meet someone who you can have a good match with. Move on to the next one after your 3 matches or when they quit after 1 or 2.

How do you change that mentality? Just gotta have respect for whoever it is you re playing. We were all new once. Even offer them a quick message of constructive criticism post match “GG use more low forward” “GG you tend to neutral jump too much” etc etc

You begin to act and think less of a doofus yourself when you put yourself in the frame of mind of helping those newer than you, because we all like help ourselves when we get pwned by some bigger fish.


So… “I’m okay with getting mashed out of a blockstring and eating 400-600 dmg, it was my fault and I should have been more careful, but OMFG KEN N CAMMY SUX THEY MASH OUT OF MY BLOCKSTRING FOR LIKE 180 DMG GRRR RRARGEGEGLESKJE”

Everybody has matchups they dont like or at least initially think so in so is cheap cuz he can do this, there is always something your character can do to win, some matches are just an uphill battle, Cammy is known for being tough for Akuma, if you keep getting caught by these moves and you main Akuma I’d bet money on you focusing way too much on rushing down your opponents, try countering especially against Cammy, as a post above said she struggles if you play defensively and will be forced to try for throws.

hopefully, you do either jab jab wait or jab wait and let them mash SRK. You WANT them to mash. its a free combo if you can make them whiff and punish them for being dumb enough to push buttons. once you condition them to think that pushing buttons is not a good idea jab jab throw or jab throw. give them a painful lesson in mind games.

When you train for anything, shying away from difficulties just because you don’t like it is going to hold you back. If you were a cross country runner and hated running up a particular hill and avoided it everytime you ran the course during practice, what is going to happen come race day and it’s time to buck up and run that hill? You’re going to be sucking wind.

Fight the scrubs, lose the matches, keep losing. You’re never going to make the guys behind you eat dust if you don’t kick it up into the air with your own two feet.

Links online…seriously they’re difficult as hell. It’s not going to go well for you if you’re trying to do stuff and not improvising and adapting to your situation.

Avoiding people won’t help you either, I did it for a while with Blanka and Balrog and realized it was a stupid idea. You need to play your bad matchups whether you like it or not and learn to play around them so that when they pop up you can crack your knuckles and go “Alright, let’s give it a go.”

And if they’re mashing, often all the better because they become insanely predictable, you have to sit back, take a breather, scope them out and you’ll see openings.

youd be better off worrying about things that actually matter rather than insignificant stuff such as how you think certain characters are “for scrubs”, especially if you keep losing to them

Please don’t make cursing and whining threads.