Why do i hate almost every char in SF4?

after using sagat, honda, ken, ryu, guile, rufus, bison and basically every arcade char on the roster, i have found NO MAIN. i find no one fun… someone please help me? is there a reason why i hate every char?

Um, I dunno how we’re supposed to know why you hate everyone…

But in terms of helping you find a main - watch some videos, see who looks interesting. And run through the normal trials and get a feel for chars combos and the like.

I was Ryu - just by default - when I first started playing (many moons ago), mostly because when I was a kid I couldn’t do a 360. Now I main Gief and he suits me perfectly - but it took me a while to figure that out.

When me and some guys were teaching newbies how to play Soul Calibur, we recommend
A) learn the basics with one character - most of this will apply to everyone
B) learn the move list and a couple tactics with the whole cast
C) pick a character you like, and learn them inside out.

With Street Fighter, were you to do that, you’d be on step A a LOT longer, since the footsie game and poking is alot more in depth in SF than SC. …maybe that’s not a bad thing. Maybe you should be there for a while.

And while you’re at it, why limit yourself to the console characters?? This is a quandary that I’ve been mulling over lately, because after Gief the character I like best is Gouken - but is he worth the effort and time to learn since he’s “only on the consoles”?

At which point I realized, ok, when am I ever going to not be playing on a console? If I go to an arcade. When am I going to go to an arcade that actually has a SF4 machine?? If I’m in a major Japanese tournament. Am I ever going to be in a major Japanese (or New York…but Chinatown Fair kinda sucks, for all it’s fame) tournament? No. So screw it, I’m learning Gouken.

I don’t know. Buy Super Street Fighter IV and see what happens. Buy the Collector’s Edition though, that way you’ll get more alternate costumes and a DVD which might help you finally determine a main.

Seriously. You might play with Fei Long with his alternate costume and think, “This costume is tight! He looks like Jet-Li! I loved Jet-Li in Black Mask. Fei Long is definitely my new main!” Or you might watch the DVD movie and be like, “Whoa, Juri just did some crazy-ass shit right there. Yo, she’s my new main!”

Because you’re on the H8 Crew or whatever?

For real though, I went through 23 characters in over a year before I found a main. Guess you just gotta keep playing.

What is it you’re looking for in a character?

i just want a beyond easy character to use and learn and that people dont really know how to play against… what char fits that description?

yet again, i could just wait for SSF4…

You’re not going to find a character that “people” don’t know how to play against. You might find some characters that some newbies don’t know the matchup - but I’m not a particularly skilled player, and Gief has a hell’uv’a time against Akuma, and I still “know how to play against” him (even if I don’t always execute, I know what should be done).

Check out the tiers at Eventhubs:
(I know, I’m whipping out tier charts to answer everybody’s questions - but hear me out)

Don’t look at the chart and just go “ohmygodSagatIsAwesome!!!”…no, pay attention to the chart itself instead of just the left column.
Now, not counting Dan - there are exactly two 7’s in the Middle tier. Zangief 7:3 Abel, and Viper 7:3 Guile.
What does that mean? That means a (well-played) Zangief can more or less destroy Abel, and a (well played) Viper can more or less destroy Guile. So why are they not Top or God tier? Because there are other matchups their fare less well in. BUT, since they are not top tier, not shotos, and not particularly popular, they do catch people off guard - especially Viper, since even newbies know they don’t wanna be anywhere near Zangief. You want someone people don’t know that well? I suggest Viper. And good luck - cus her learning curve is pretty steep.

edit: whoops - missed a couple Gief’s 7’s, plus Seth 7:3 Guile, and Blanka 7:3 Vega. Either one of them is worth a shot - but they both have some serious barriers to hanging in high level play. But by all means, try them out. Gief also has trouble at high levels, and he’s my main.

People don’t know how to play against Rose. I think she’s easy to use, due to the fact that she doesn’t have much combos, Special Moves and set-ups. Seriously, I love when I beat people with Rose and they’re like, “I don’t know how to play against Rose. Nobody uses Rose”. It’s great. Winning with Rose requires you to be extremely skilled and careful though. But I’d say you’d have a better chance with Ryu. If not then I’m sure you’ll find a main in Super Street Fighter IV. I know I’ll definitely find a new main myself.

Have we fought on Live!?! I remember I got killed by a string of Roses a while back, thinking the exact same thing - I don’t know the matchup because no one plays her.

it could be that you just hate the game ya know

Beyond easy… is that even possible in SFIV I mean. Even the way the game is built? Good luck on that one. SSFIV will have hope for you:clapdos:

Killed by a string of Rose’s?! How is that possible, lol. I only ever run into a Rose once in a blue moon. And I doubt I was one of those Rose’s because I’ve only used her like a couple times in Championship just for the fun of it but that was a while ago. Plus, people are more serious in G1 so I can’t be messin’ around with Rose, lol. I’d have a way higher chance of succeeding with Dan.

Nah, he just loves the game so much that he can’t decide on a main because all the characters just blow his mind simultaneously.

Balrog or Zangief for easy “beginner level” play that most new players have a hard time countering.

Back when the game first came out, I would’ve pointed you straight to Zangief, but a lot of people have been learning how to beat him(albeit with a lot of hard work). I dunno man, that’s really a terrible reason to wanna pick a main, if you ask me. Just play with one that you feel the most comfortable using after a while of putting effort in, then roll with it. I know that I should have used a character more suited to poking/zoning than Crimson Viper when the game first came out.

Try Seth, he’s pretty tricky with all his options and because of his low HP and damage output I don’t think that many people play him.

(By beyond easy, you do mean harder than easy right and not easier than easy?)

Maybe you simply don’t like the game? Try another fighter that does more for you.

Buy Tekken, pick Eddie, use your fist to press buttons. You will love it.

You haven’t tried Dan is all.

Like everyone said, go ahead and try to get the feel of each and every character. For me, I choose my main character, Sakura, since I mained her ever since SFA2/3. You can also choose a character solely on looks and design of the character, sometimes that helps you get more comfortable with a character and gives you a positive attitude towards playing and sticking with that character.

Same thing here, Fei just isnt the same as he was on ST(Super Turbo)… his offensive pressure game got nerfed hard imo… I picked Ken simply because he had a offensive pressure game that I wished Fei had:sad:, or maybe you would enjoy another game more:wink:

The reason why you are having this problem is the game consists of a rehashed bland roster from SF2, and some incredibly uninteresting new characters, which have rehashed movesets from previous sf characters.