Why do i keep getting shoryukens?


I lost over 3000PP and went into a 20+ losing streak due to this bullshit.

i’m trying to do c from shining c with akuma, but 99% of the times i try to do a shakunetsu hadoken i get a fucking shoryuken. I do the input perfectly, and i get a shoryuken. How can this happen? this never happened in vanilla. this game have serious problems


Because of the input leniency in SF4 if you do something like walk forward hadouken (:r::qcf:+:p:) you’ll get a shoryuken. You need to return to neutral or press backwards before you do the fireball.

It is possible to get a shoryuken even if you do :r::hcf:+:p: fast enough

Odd you didn’t know this when you play Ryu.


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This never happened to me before…

the strange thing is that a shoryuken is forward down forward, and a shakunetsu is a half circle backwards… it don’t make sense


Let your pad/stick go back to neutral then do Shakunetsu.


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Thank you umad :amazed: . I was noticing the same thing last night. I actually found myself just holdin my dpad at the angle for a hadoken (USB Saturn controller). When I’m playing tonight I’ll be sure to conciously go back to neutral before a move and see if it’s noticable change, or if I just need to practice more.


I’ve already explained why it does this. When you do :r::hcb:+:p: something along the lines of :r::r::df::l:+:p: or :r::d::db::l:+:p: is what you’re actually inputting and because any forward and any down will count towards a shoryuken it’s not suprising that this can happen.

You just have to be more precise and make sure you’re hitting all of your inputs cleanly. Adon plays know this problem well and have to be extremly accurate with their inputs (not just Adon, I’m giving an example).


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Just work on slowing down your inputs and doing them more precisely. You don’t have to make the motion as fast as you’re probably doing it.

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It’s because i get mad when i start to lose so much… but when i win 1 i get calm and start to win more


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Pay no attention to umad. That’s a troll account.

Anyways. There’s a shortcut system built into SFIV that isn’t explained in ANY of the game’s documentation. The game is so unabashedly lame with all the stuff it doesn’t tell people.

The dragon punch motion for most characters isn’t :r:,:d:,:df:.

It’s Any :r:, Any :d:, Any :r:.

The sheer number of DP motions in this game due to this is mind-boggling. Couple this with the input leniency – The amount of time the game will store previous inputs for the purposes of activating special attacks – and you end up with really easy DPs.

There’s roughly 35 different motions for DP in this game, not including motions that have more than the three directional inputs required for DP.

What you’re probably doing is moving from :df: or :r: too fast. The input leniency sticks around for a while, so you’ve got to sit either in Neutral or Back for a moment before you try the Shakunetsu motion.

Certain characters with reverse DPs like Adon and T.Hawk don’t have shortcuts on their moves, surprisingly. Fei Long does, though. It’s dumb.

Anyways. Once you get your execution solid, you’ll be taking advantage of shortcuts all the time. So don’t throw up your arms in defeat yet. Just keep playing.


Another personal problem. You can’t win if you get frustrated. Win or lose, be mature and stay calm.

And yes, there is a need to tell you to get better. Because you don’t seem to realize that it takes months, if not years of practice to gain solid execution skill.


Being mad salty can be the catalyst to wanting to get better than your opponent.

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Thanks for the explanation.


shakunetsu has more priority than shoryuken. So you would never get a shoryuken if you did the shaku properly.


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mason just put the whole thread on blast.

I forgot that Shakunetsu was HCB, not HCF. There’s no real reason for you to get a Shoryuken at all. Either you’ve got a serious case of Parkinson’s or you need to work on your execution… or your controller’s broken.


this happened to me when i first started, it may be the same case. When i was inputting the shaku motion i was releasing the stick letting it fling back into neutral but the force of it going back would activate one of the front switches either f or df. Try either holding the stick back after you finish the motion or manually putting it back to neutral instead of releasing the stick from your hand.