Why do i keep losing connection to the player right as the match starts?

Ok, so ive had it for almost a week and its making me mad, i cant seem to stay connected to players, even to my cousin that lives not even 30 mins down from my house. Ive tried just about everything and messed with my router, still no luck. If anyone has a solution to this id be very greatful because id like to enjoy this game online, and it’d pretty much be a waste if i couldnt do that.

Heres a vid i made of it in action [media=youtube]JegVsudfmmU[/media] -skip to about 2mins and watch from there-
I really dont understand why TvC does this and all my other online games for other game systems work like a charm :crybaby:

Around April Fools, the entire online system started going crazy, people lost points, no one could rematch correctly, random disconnects.

it’s much better now, but there’s probably still some bugs that haven’t been resolved.

i did hear about the losing points and stuff, bc my cuz actually lost all his also =/, but i didnt hear about the random disconnects. and i did buy the game last week when it started happening, so hopefully thats the case, but if not…idk ;o

blessing in disguise imo