Why do I NEED a plexi top?

I am not particularly fond of the feel of a plexi top but I want custom art. I am repeatedly told if I want custom art I MUST forfeit my TE-S top. Is this true and why?

Because if you just have paper or cartboard you can easily destroy it while playing and having plexi also makes it much nicer :slight_smile:

Lamilabel is also a possibility if you don’t want plexi-glass.

you could go with gameongrafix.com

Yep. They used to be mamemarquees. They have a polycarbonate coating over the art they print for you. Many swear by them.

So either way it won’t be a simple trip to Kinkos?

Not really, no. But that’s the price we pay to make our sticks unique. And I mean that both literally and figuratively.

Actually, you could technically just go to kinko’s and have your artwork laminated there. Be careful. I brought mine to one and the lamination job wasn’t very pro. It had a lot of air bubbles and it didn’t look as clean as I would have hoped.

Wow 30$ for a cp art? Knowing it’s laminated thats awesome! Do they ship to Canada? Anyone knows how much?

Game On Grafix is the best thing you can get without use of Custom Acrylic or Polycarbonate Panel.

Forget best, are custom vinyl stickers from small sticker shops good enough? Like, I can give them the template and print it on vinyl sticker and it comes with thin laminate. I have had bad experience with laminate machines so…

I have some experience with vinyl (I have a vinyl cutter), what you’re looking to do is definitely feasible. Keep in mind the vinyl is very thin if you take the paper backing off and stick it to your panel, so screw holes may show. You’ll want to make sure the surface is flat and smooth. Also, make sure whoever does it for you can laminate it. There’s gloss or matte laminate. Matte would be what you’re looking for if you don’t like the feel/look of plexiglass.