Why do I never see

I don’t think I’ve ever seen in any yun video anyone ever using palm + jab lunge punch in the corner. I mean, I understand that palms in general are risky and easy to parry… but if someone likes to attack one wakeup a lot, it seems like a nice surprise. I’m referring to non GJ.

Hey did you know Crowded street sounds just like the james bond theme? Now you know!!

It’d be hard to sue over three notes in a melody.

because potential super > palm

Do you mean their potential to super on wake up? I generally don’t try that when people have an SA stocked. Doesn’t seem that bad to throw out on occasion though, especially if your opponent has already accumulated a good chunk of stun.

What is good attack to throw at someone when they are getting up? Most my friends play shotos, and I don’t want to eat a shoryuken or ex shoryuken. I usually just use their down time to get a little distance and build meter.

And knowing is half the battle!