Why do I play better when I'm high?

Srsly dude it’s so fckin frustrating !! When I play sober I ALWAYS lose like a 1000pp and I don’t know why… When I’m buzzing I feel like I make better decisions and my reactions are like wayy faster. I wish I played like this when I’m sober :(( anyone got any good advice or is in the same boat ??

I have a friend that has the same situation. When he’s sober he sucks at the game and when he’s high he’s like a second Mochi. Basically when you’re high your thought process slows down so you can focus more on what you want to do in-game.

I’d say it’s because you’re more easily able to tap into the subconscious, which is 80% of the brain’s activity.

What kind of answer do you really expect here?