Why do i play this character?

Yea, seriously. I played SF4 vanilla and SSF4 for a long time, character was Honda. Then i paused for a few month and now, with release of AE, i´m back for more action. And while i fight my way through the rankings, i wonder almost every fight (doesn’t matter if i win or lose) why i play this character.


  • is slow
  • doesn’t do enough damage anymore
  • doesn’t have good high priority moves anymore (where is my AA-jab-HB?)
  • is fucked by fireballs
  • is fucked by rushdown-gameplay
  • is fucked by crossups

So… please enlighten me. What exactly is the strength of Honda-San again? Where does he shine? Because after every damn fight i can’t stop thinking: The opponent character has so much more and so much better options. I really like his design, but damn - he seems so weak now.

-Strong pokes
-Great air-to-air
-With meter he has the best turtle game for a non-fireball character
-Safe ground pressure with HHS links

I agree he is substantially weaker but you’ve just got to play more by the book than previously. No wasting meter, no random jumpins reliant upon j.strong ect

People needs to the remove the “weak against projectiles” mentality.

U1 can punish projectiles full screen now, if someone likes to throw two fireballs in a row, he is gonna lose a lot of life and sit in the corner.

That and how j hp reach fireballs from 3/4 screen while nj hp makes safe jumping full screen balls.

I feel your pain, Mondragon. I saw Mike Ross take him to the top of the Shadowloo Showdown, but sometimes I wonder how viable he is to me, the non-pro Honda player that isn’t incredibly good? Can I take him to the top in tournaments, or are the plasma shooters and the twins still too much? le sigh

EDIT: I’m an idiot - play who you love.

  • I dont think he’s partucularly slow, his walk forward speed is nothing to complain about
  • His damage tho reduced is still good… i could do without my stand fierce doing 80 damage - half the time tho.
  • His cr jab is one of the best pokes in the game, his st Rh is the furthest reaching low attack - and st Fierce is a very good AA vs the majority of the cast
  • He’s only truly fk’d by sgat and maybe guile (i personally think the guile match is alot beter than people make out)
  • Honda does very well vs rushdown characters… Is there a better reversal in the game than ex headbutt
  • If you have meter u can Auto correct ex hb, alternatively lk spash will beat crossups if timed correctly or you could just block.

I play honda because i like his play style, i like that all i have is walk forward and jump but i’m still kicking your ass all over the screen.

I played some Honda a little bit at odd times, but never took the time to practice. I picked him up again after about a year since last time I played him and went about… 10-2 in ranked last night. I quickly started practicing the sliding method (lp-mp-fp-mp-fp) and I realize how good and strong Honda is in this game when used with a simple mindset. I’m not saying i’m good, at all. In fact, I’m a pretty BAD player for the amount of time I put into this game (lol) but if you just focus on the basics, it’s really easy to lower an opponents health bar.

he has:
constant and safe pressure with lp -> f.hhs, and you can link st.rh to it, not only that but his lp is a great poke
his ex.hb will stop almost any jump in, and st.fp is a GREAT AA when you get the timing down. (I’m trying to see if frame trapping with his ex-hb is viable)
his whole moveset is good, dont think one special is as useless as what some other characters have.
GREAT damage output still
good health/stun
movespeed could be worse so can’t complain there
great priority/range on normals in the air

He does have some weak qualities about his game, but I think Honda is especially one of those characters where he FORCES you to constantly remember and refine your basics of this game. footsies, reactions, etc.

I play Honda because I like Chanko Stew.

I play Honda because coming from Gief he is a breath of fresh air vs characters like Sagat, Dhalsim and even yes, Chun.

But dealing with vortexs has been quite the pain point even with meter since people are baiting/OS’ing that shit out.

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nobody can punish a fireball full screen, you have to do it psychic. it’s probably too slow to even punish one mid screen.

Well, you can punish Akuma/Oni’s hcb fireball full-screen, and you can punish Akuma’s air fireball full screen. You can definitely punish normal fireballs mid-screen; up to 2/3 screen, even. I know because I got my butt kicked just exactly that way around 50 times in a row by a Honda player. I had no way in.

Command throw setups and sitting on peoples’ faces.

He also helps with some of Chun’s (my main) bad matchups… especially Viper. :annoy:

I have played E.honda since SF4.
Honestly, when i picked him up i thought the same things. even though i though it was fun trying to get over fireballs.

But now the only thing that keeps me from really using a different character in tournaments is his HHS and how much he has grown on me.
The inputs for HHS feel, i don’t know i guess cool. I love comboing HHS to HSS and then super makes me feel bad ass.

He has always had something to complain about, but trust me he is still a great character despite the nasty changes in AE.

and keep in mind… ken and akuma’s low fowrad xx hadoken is NEVER a block string… Ultra through that free!!!

I believe same goes for many plasma characters… gotta figure out which block strings into plasma leaves them open!