Why do I still suck?

Ya, I’ve been playing SSF4 for about… iunno 3 or 4 months, I play fairly often and i train allot… I used to use a 360 controller, and now im just starting to use a MVC3 fight pad. (i don’t like sticks) I know people who have played for only a month and they can ex cancle and pull off simple hit strings like lplplpmk hadoken (ken) I cannot do any of that. I still manage to beat these people because my experience helps me know when to strike and when to block, and whats punishable and stuff. I can’t seem to do ex cancels or play the game without spazzing out and not doing very many combos, I can pull them off in practise like no problem at all, but when it comes to doing them against another person, its like my brain shuts down.

How do i get better? Am i just one of them people that suck at fighting games?

please excuse my grammar and english i am spanish.

more experience. 3-4 months is still not very much.

Honestly, to me this sounds like you are progressing just fine. You don’t need flashy combos to win. I mean, they ARE cool and all but at 3-4 months, winning with normals and with simple block -> punish tactics is about right. Keep practicing, keep playing and you’ll keep improving.

I’ve been playing since vanilla first came out for consoles, and I still spazz out and drop combos. I have shitty footsies and forget to block and panic under pressure… as far as I know, we just have to keep playing.

It took me longer than that to get combos in the training room reliably and longer still before I could actually use them in matches.

exactly what he said. nobody is sorry in this world. as long as you keep working harder, it will all start to shine

Cause it takes years to be good.

It took me about 2 years to get where I’m at today…I still consider myself a decent Boxer. :frowning:

Playing online against real people is always better than practicing in a training mode. Being able to do combos means nothing if you don’t know when to do them in an actual match. Don’t be nervous about online; rankings are pointless. Fighting opponents that are more skilled than you will force you to get better at some point.

When you go in training mode, fight the CPU instead of a stationary target. The CPU isn’t a good replacement for a real player, but it’s better than beating up a dummy.

I forgot to mention, my poke game is how i win matchis with ken, and i tend to feel like i could do better if i don’t go after combos and just poke the fuck out of them… but i just don’t give a fuck about the win, i go for my blanka combos non stop.

my problem is, i can never really pull off a real win, if i beat em with ken, i feel like, either they sucked or it could of went both ways.

if i beat them with blanka i feel like, blankas cheap, or they suck, or they don’t know how to deal with him. Tho i never just blanka ball, i always try and combo it. (small combo)

anyways, thanx cookie, thanx xlxlxlxlxlxlxlxlxllx, and thanx to the rest aswell, also xlxlxl i find doing training allot isnt as good as practise, but it makes me less angry, and it helps get muscle memory for combos.

I have the opposite problem, i am actually quite good at combos & good at applicating them in matches, but i don’t react effectively, bait poorly, read rather unwell.

I think it’s just varied learning curves, the general matter is though, so long as you/we keep playing they’ll be improvement.

hmmm thats also good to know, because i know people who have no problems with combos, but there bad at footys and baits and reads and what not.

I’m not sure how good i am at baits, but im a pretty good reader, i like harry potter (HAHAHAH LAME JOKE)

How do you practice, just training mode and then online? I like to work on new/hard combos in training mode, then play the CPU trying to land those combos, and then if that goes well try it out online in real matches. Rinse and repeat.

I tend not to like playing CPU for some reason. Even on hardest its not a real challenge and its just like training mode again for me. When you’re playing against a real opponent, you have to read their moves and react appropriately. Honestly, if you are winning with normals 3-4 months in, I don’t see what’s wrong with that. For a good 3 months I made NO progress whatsoever as all I did was mash SRK in every chance possible. Then I picked Balrog and actually decided to learn. With Balrog it took me about 6-7 months to not even a good level, an OK level. I say learn basic poking combo’s with Ken. I’m not sure as to how he works but he has that f-mk which is pretty nice then go for the c.mk > hdk, I see a lot of Ken’s doing that. Also, when you get a knockdown try and apply pressure and land a combo. A simple mk crossup with Ken can land his BnB I think (cr.lk, cr.lp, hp.srk), if they block the lk and lp you then go for the Kara throw. But anyway, I’m starting to give you a whole lecture about Ken :stuck_out_tongue:

But really, its not big deal. For now just go in Training Mode until you can do combo’s like the back of your hand and its just so natural to you. Then you’ll realise you’ll be pulling off these combo’s in game without thinking soon :slight_smile:

What I find is that after teaching your brain/fingers to do a combo in practice mode, the hardest thing is teaching your brain to recognize when to use a combo. Be aware not only of the combo itself but of when it should be used, then you can replicate these situations in training mode by using the record/playback function.

And if you can’t do combos very well you can still be decent at the game if you play it smart, know your tools, and know when to use them.

unfortunately, it’s going to take a lot of practice. You can’t expect to be pro caliber after three or four months.

It took me a year to get to where I am at currently in my GOD state of pwness. Ranked #2 in pp doesn’t happen over night. keep practicing young grasshoppa and one day you MIGHT become as godly as myself…MIGHT!

Yep, takes a lot of boosting to get to where he’s at.


Woah, Trigun needs to teach me his skills. I think he’s so good he’s gonna be in the league of AyiA girl and that d5Mashargdegfdtgtrythryhcgddff soon.

because you started with games that are more appealing to newb players and doesnt teach you as much as ST or 3s or earlier marvel games or darkstalkers or alpha series or KOF series

Just stick with it and never lose hope that you’ll get better, I always think about how long it took me to get consistent
wins in Super, I’m still not amazing but I am about 56% in my wins with Ibuki out of 100s of fights. MvC3 NOT so much… more like 39-91 CRAP, but I push forward! lol

I agree, I am hoping to stick in there in the years to come with MvC3 … as soon as I get my TE stick Modded for PS3 I think things will be looking better.

I just got back into playing street fighter again, hadn’t done since EX2 which I was real good at, hardly ever lost in the arcade. I was pretty surprised how bad I have got since starting ssfiv. I do remember when I finally got good on EX2 though, it was just repetition, once i started winning with more basic tactics I didnt freak out anymore when trying to pull out a flashy combo. The system in ssfiv is pretty different though, i suck pretty bad right now, about 22% win ratio

Ive tried a few chars so far but I like Blanka alot. I don’t think he’s cheap, I think he just has some good tactics to shut down the constant fireballs…compared to a Ken flowchart, I don’t think its cheap. But thats just me :slight_smile: