Why do i suck? Criticize, my Ryu!

Hi, ive been playng the game for couple months now & i really suck at this game big time, all i do is lose. So i posted a thread about it and i was suggsested some very intresting things to do one of those things being to post a video & let more expirienced players comment on my performence so i could know what i am doing wrong, so please let me know why i suck. :slight_smile: right now i only have this one video, but in due time i will be sure to add some more.


Ps : If some body could tell me how i can just make the video appear in the thread it would be awesome, ty in advance.

hey man I will let you know what i think but we have a thread for this already at the link below.

Edit:Okay I watched the replay and here is what I can tell.You need to work on anti-airs,you were letting him jump at you for free.Also you are using Ultra 2 which I do NOT recommend even slightly,Ultra 1 is miles better than it.You need to work on wake-up game I think as well, and learn to safe-jump and Option Select,which is pretty advanced stuff so it will take some time.Also I would say read up on what Ryu can and should do,watch replays of top Ryu players and see how they play and learn why they do the things that they do,and the biggest thing I think is that it seems you don’t know enough about your character and haven’t spent enough time in the training room learning things that are required to play Ryu at a competitive level.Feel free to ask other players around here about things you don’t know and be sure to check out the Ryu general discussion thread,there is a lot of useful information in there. Hope this helps

Kk thank you.