Why do I suck so bad :\



Gosh, playing as Cammy is so frustrating. I just don’t understand how to keep the pressure.

It seems to me her moves are just too unsafe.

3 frame reversals are a nightmare.

I think knowledge of spacing is critical to Cammy players.

Hate how weak the blockstun is on Divekicks and LK crossup, I often just get thrown as a result.

What should a Cammy player focus on to keep up the pressure and not let opponents breathe?


you have to divekick harder

alright maybe not. I would really like to help out but you didn’t really provide any material so we can’t tell what you’re doing wrong and I just assume you are quite new to the game so maybe you should start watching these.


Just watch the whole playlist it actually covers most of cammys stuff

Generally, 3 Frame reversals aren’t a nightmare because you can either snuff them out with your divekick or make them whiff, punish properly and bring them back into the same situation again where they have to guess.
I don’t know how new you are to the game but the bad habbits of new players are random spiral arrows (of course they’re unsafe lol) or HP Spinning Faust across the screen (implying better opponents can’t react to it aye ?)
If people throw you after a j.LK crossup or a divekick just TKCS EX Dive or hit your stuff properly so it’s not too negative on block.

A cammy player in general should know his setups and unblockables (I wouldn’t recommend it anymore though since V2013 is coming), he should also know how to place himself and how to get past fireballs and a wall of normals which a ryu can set up with fireballs and antiairs. Do you know your frametraps ? If not watch the video. Your go to pokes are far.s.MK, far.s.LP, far.s.HK, far.s.MP and cr.MK into Spiral Arrow and the most important thing: be patient.
You just can’t hurrdurr daifkick into someones face and stay there all round. Especially against better people (unless they’re playing gen) you have to play patiently and look out for the opening which could be: a bad spaced or timed fireball, a normal which you can whiffpunish (cr.MK > Arrow) blocked DP’s etc.


It’s so funny, being patient with Cammy.

Tell this to people who don’t play her and they won’t believe you. Yet, I find I win more waiting for mistakes.

It’s so deceptive to watch high level Cammys play, really and truly there is a lot that goes into the setups and game plans. Most folks just see it as “hurr durr”

Just been having a lot of problems with my pals Viper. He constantly pokes, so dashing in rarely works. Couple this with weak block stun on the dive kicks, which used to be so much more viable.

Viper’s invincibility in ex seismo is highly annoying, the changed jump directory with burn kicks in highly annoying, her instant over head is highly annoying. I guess it comes down to me not knowing the matchup, since I hardly played Vipers online.

I started as a Ryu player, but only really got into the game as Seth. I like rushdown, but with Cammy you have to over commit and really plan deep.

More and more I see the importance of block strings. The last issue I had with her was whiffing cl. lp, on crouchers. So I think cl. st. lp will alleviate that.

Her far standing lp to use as a lockdown move is also tricky for me.

I’m definitely on the bandwagon for reinstatment of TKCS :\
A reduction in the height requirement alone would be nice.

Oh and the unblockables, I am still looking for a solid thread on that, that isn’t 2 years old :\


I have said this so many times, if u want to play cammy well u have to be patient u cant just go in like crazy, watch wat ur opponent does and watch ur spacing, try 2 learn the match ups as well it will help a lot

Good luck dude


Yeah but I don’t care about what people think. Viper can’t poke forever since her normals are one of the worse normals you just have to know WHEN to press buttons (which means study the framedata) Safejump viper and do OS HK DP and she can’t do anything anymore except blocking.

I kinda think that you lack the fundamentals since you “got into the game” with Seth. Cammy is despite most opinions about her quite a fundamental character. You have to play footsies and use your tool to the fullest if you actually want to win against really good people. Just practise combos setups and situations in the lab and apply them later.


I don’t see any problem with her dive kick. When you do it and it’s blocked, you’re still normally at frame advantage, or at least neutral.


I don’t understand what the point of the LK and MK versions are for, mixups after teaching them you crossup with HK version maybe? The frame advantage seems very hard to notice, while I am getting thrown to the ground. Even when I land it mid.

He loves to cr. MK, MP TK. Which is so annoying and relatively safe. Every now and again I’ll get the U1 in, if it’s far enough, but it breaks focus.

I’m starting to get the hang of cl. MP, Cr. HP, Cr. MK to MK SA but 1 frame links are tough for me.

What advice to you all have for C. Viper?
How would you advise I keep the pressure on?


Damn right!;


Her meterless divekick is best for oki, but you can still use her light divekick during regular pressure, occasionally.

I dunno, this is kind of hard to explain. It’s just gonna take practice. I learned good divekick spacing by measuring by normals. ie standing point blank against Ryu, two jabs and then a blocked light divekick is neutral. After a few weeks it’s just natural.


for online fake tht your playing footsies get in throw range & EX DIVE KICK low to the floor you don’t know how many times tht shit worked for me #americaonline


Bro, you confuse me sometimes. This thread is a year old.