Why do Japanese players always do c.strong XX super?



This is something that strikes me as rather odd, considering the multiple-EX combo doesn’t get you much less damage (and also might be safer, i’m not sure about that tho) for noticeably less meter.

C.short into super, UOH into super, c.strong into super on short crouching characters…these I can understand. But they always do c.strong XX super, any reason why?



Even though the cancel window for the c.strong is pretty large, it takes incredible reflexes to do this. It’s not something you can just do having a firm grasp of the basics, you’d need to practice this specifically.

I haven’t seen much japanese footage of elena, but the entirety of the elena footage that I HAVE seen, they prefer c.strong into super because at certain ranges (and on a few crouching characters, namely oro, chun li, elena, and the brothers, I think), the EX spinning scythe won’t connect, while the super will. In a few cases, the tactic of confirming the hit before doing the super will have it blocked because of the late cancel and the quicker recovery from having been standing (only once have I seen the brave dance blocked on a crouching character). And, yes, some characters fall too quickly for you to juggle even after the EX spinning scythe connects (note: though it looks like it won’t juggle on yun/yang, it can… you just have to do the rhino horn immediately after the spinning scythe).

The full EX combo actually deals more damage than a brave dance, but not significantly more. I can’t remember the exact numbers, but I posted them in a different thread… basically the c.strong brave dance deals about 65, the full EX dealing 69. What you can do to save meter is substitute the last EX scratch wheel with an MK scratch wheel instead. This does like three points less than a brave dance at a little more than 2/3 the meter.

If you’re playing cool, I advocate always doing the ex combo when you can (for the extra two jabs worth of damage), subsituting the last EX scratch wheel with a regular when you want to conserve meter (or don’t have it), and doing the super when you’re at max range or dealing with certain characters.

KingRaoh and Combo prefer to save the meter and do a super when they can instead of doing EX combos all over the place. I prefer the EX combos whenever I can manage them. I also use spinning beat because it gives you an additional ex and allows you to have a full super bar quicker (for those situations in which you’d be able to super and do nothing else for big damage… like parrying a jump-in).

I suppose it’s just a better habit to train yourself to respond with c.strong super rather than c.strong EX spinning scythe, since the latter only connects conditionally.


I can say from experience that Elena doing “B&B” spin scythe combo on Chun-Li is BAD BOMBING.

Just stick to low strong into super on Cunt Lips.


basically what Vatotitan said, you can actually react for sa2 if c.strong hits. The window of oppotunity might not be as big as chunli c.mk link, but its big enough for most people to react to~


the only normal that an EX spinning scythe can be comboed of of is a c. strong. c. strong can be parried high and low. you will become predictable if you are continually trying to land c. strong. Brave Dance can be comboed six ways to sunday. an Elena loaded with Brave Dance will open up your opponent to more throw opportunities. Brave Dance can be comboed low, mid, and high, so your opponent has to make a guess. if you are going for EX spinning scythe “confirmed” hit, it must come off of a c. strong. your opponent doesn’t have to guess where to parry or or block.

most people know that you can “hit confirm” Elena’s c. strongxxsuper, but you can also confirm off of her UOH, jumping chains, jumping Fierce, and mid-kick cross-up. what makes Combofiends Elena so good is

  1. Excellent placement of throws
  2. Excellent use of Back+Roundhouse
  3. The most important piece, he can hit confirm off of a crouching short, giving Elena a much needed hit confirm that starts low. i can reliably confirm the super off of a c. strong, but i am far from being able to confirm off of her low short. Combo has a very dangerous Elena because he can do this reliably. you must guess or you will take damage from his super. this would not be true if his game was based around using EX moves. in short, Brave Dance makes Elena threatening. EX moves are a threat but, not threatening.