Why do "major" tournaments use PS3?


I was wondering why many major tournaments such as EVO use PS3 only compared to Xbox?

I’m not trying to bash the PS3 but I noticed that there is framerate dips on the PS3 version of Marvel 3 whenever sentinel comes out as an assist or during Team Hyper Combos but it mainly happens around the use of of Sentinel.

For Street Fighter IV I’ve seen various videos of the PS3 having one or two frames of input delay. Now I’m not sure if this has been confirmed or not for AE because many of the videos were using Super Street Fighter IV at the time.

Now I don’t think the console A or console B sucks, I’ll play on whatever console but I’m wondering why the PS3 is used for those two games if they have those problems? Is there something I’m missing?

The only thing I could think of was switching controllers is way easier than the Xbox; it lets you select controller ports without re-plugging in and un-plugging controllers.


The XBOX 360 gaming console was deemed dangerous by tournament organizers in 2009 after one of the consoles spontaneously combusted and burned down one of the venues. The PLAYSTATION 3 was adopted as the tournament standard because of this, although having more “moe” video game products available also played a big role in being chosen as the standard. Poverty fighting scenes can’t survive without the Japanimation fighting genre.


  • Most of the reasons are bullshit. Sony was willing to pitch in at one point and Tekken ran better on PS3 at the time. The costs of buying a bunch of 360s for optimal play experiences are apparently not worth it at EVO, though most other TOs will go the extra mile for the players (and players will bring set ups as well.)


The Evo staff adopted PS3 early due to Tekken 5. Also, most of the pre-SF4 FGC had PS1/2 sticks which had more and better converter options then.

That’s about it.


EVO had more PS3s simply due to Tekken 5 DR. That, and at the time, switching to 360 would have been a logistical nightmare for everyone involved since most people’s controllers didn’t work on it. In any case, aside from the 2 Capcom games, most modern fighting games nowadays are developed on the PS3 first (TTT2, DOA5, SFxT and I believe even Skullgirls) and run better on it.


They bought a majority of those consoles before Microsoft eliminated the RRoD problems, and by the time MS they fixed it, they had invested into too many PS3s. At the start of this generation PS3 was a more reliable system to leave on constantly for 12 hours for 3 days.


It all depends on what Major. Different games have different issues on different consoles. All I can speak for is UmvC3, AE, and SFxT because I have all three of those titles for both PS3 and Xbox360. AE runs slightly faster on Xbox360, UMvC3 has issues with certain stages causing slowdown that is sever enough to cause u to drop combos (always choose training stage), and SFxT is a steaming pile of crap on Xbox360, much better on the PS3. If you are serious about fighting games, it is best to own all the major systems, because you can be sure to have access to the best version of each game you choose to buy. But if you can’t afford to to multi-system always show up early to events and play casuals on the systems they are using and you will get used to it. When you lose it is always because you were out played, not because of the choice of consoles by the TO’s


No. Dual console (fighting) games are almost always developed on bridging software under a Windows platform, and as a result will run better on 360. This has been the case for fighters such as SF4, MvC3, SFxT, 3SOE, SF2:HDR (Sirlin considers the PS3 version unplayable), etc. Some fighters get the PS3 port process correct (KoF, BB) and have no issues on PS3 however.

The only exception to this development process for fighters is current gen Tekken, as that series is developed for System 357 arcade hardware which is based on the PS3 architecture - so naturally it will run better on a PS3 than 360.


SFxT definitely used PS3 as the lead dev console as well. I don’t know about DoA as, well, lol DoA.


PS3 is considered the lead console nowadays for most of these. PS3 was the lead for SFxT (with Sony help no doubt). PS3 is also, from what I’ve been told, the lead for DOA5. Even if they start on a PC, if one platform is considered the lead console work is obviously started on it first (i.e. BBCP where the PS3 port is apparently already in the works while an X360 version is nowhere in sight).

I’ve been told that it is the PS3. That said, I can’t say how I know because that may imply that someone (not me) has broken an NDA somewhere down the line.


You can “consider” anything your lead console, it doesn’t matter when you’re looking strictly at the technical details. When you’re developing a game like SFxT which is running under the SF4 engine which has been designed to be optimized for the Taito Type X2 (a Windows-based platform, similar to 360), you will have things like higher texture filtering, smoother shadows and 2x anti-aliasing that are absent from the PS3 version. It has been this way for all iterations of SF4 as well.

I don’t know of any differences between the various BB titles on both consoles but the developers would have to go out of their way to make the 360 version run worse than the PS3 version, given how close the Taito Type X2 is to 360 architecture.


I own both versions, and the Xbox360 version of SFxT is crap compared to PS3. As it stands I only play SFxT on my PS3, and almost always playing AE and UmvC3 on my Xbox360. Most of the time the Xbox360 can’t even handle the intro movie without stuttering.


I do find it odd that some people would expect a tourney to change all their setups to 360 for the sake of 2 Capcom games that run marginally better on it. Most everything else runs the same or better on PS3.


That’s still just Capcom games.

Also, the only time the Type X2 gets close to the 360 is when it runs an [S]ATI[/S]AMD card. The CPU is Intel based, unlike the 360 which runs on IBM PowerPC architecture, same as the PS3. Porting still has to take this difference into consideration. The main difference with the PS3 is that the cores are asymmetrical with one PPE core controlling the smaller SPE cores. Meanwhile, the 360 has 3 cores (basically modified Cell PPEs) that run symmetrically. Off course, APIs and middleware make working with these easier, but push comes to shove, whoever gets the port first is going to get more time (and money) spent on it for spit and polish.

AA and shadowing are more issue with the memory since the PS3 has split memory (like a PC) and the X360 has it unified. This means that the 360 can simply have its GPU take more of the main memory when needed, at the cost of memory for the game code.