Why do MUGEN videos have insane clipping?

Couldnt find a proper sub-forum to post this in so I just posted it in GD.

I’ve never used MUGEN, but I’ve always wondered why the sound on MUGEN videos on youtube are always insanely loud with insane amounts of clipping?

articulate “clipping”

[media=youtube]nq7QVfRYeNg&feature=related"]What are you[URL=“http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_c7IuQfS9g”[/media]

fuck. I forgot my volume was all the way up ;_;

MUGEN is the PC equivalent of those late-90s Dragon Ball Z polyester button-ups.

I remember when Mugen actually used to be cool, and didn’t have these ridiculous characters and moves.

tiiigreee neegroooo!

mugens not that bad but people dont know how to make any other character past another ryu or another ken or some random k=no one cares about but it happens so much they shadow the actual good characters but the original developers for mugen are back now and some of the " good creators" are coming back with them unless blazblue chars were made in the 90’s in crisp HD

I just downloaded the latest Mugen. They really updated it. Heh, looks like they gave Kung Fu Man some new moves.

I just made a [media=youtube]hhIIT8MubU8[/media] real quick to prove you wrong I think it sounds pretty good. The common problem with sound in most mugen videos isn’t with mugen its with most of the people who make the videos not having any idea what they’re doing.

what the hell is mugen?!

i need to get back onto my mugen game, it’s been years. oh, and some guy is making Joe from the first Street Fighter in mugen with a new custom sprite set. if someone remakes the whole sf1 with new sprites that would be dope.

street fighter one joe WIP

MUGEN is trash.


mugen isnt trash.

fixed that for ya.

Eh, Mugen only gets a bad rap because of the crap people make out of it.

Maybe SRK should get together and make a fighting game.