Why do NONE of the custom builder links work? :(

Hi people, I’m in the market to buy a custom stick/case, but all the links in the sticky at the top of this page go nowhere? What gives?

Because it’s an old thread from the old SKN, since then I believe all old posts have been deleted.

But heres some builders:
Voltech - WTS: Voltech Arcade Sticks FTW!
MKPCustoms - Mkpcustoms!( Blank Cases, Complete Customs, Painting services, and Duel Mods)
SoujiStiks - Soujistiks -Quality Custom Joysticks Keysticks and Cases
**B15SDM **(really damn expensive) - B15SDM DESIGNS CUSTOM ARCADE STICKS- see my second post

These are just the ones in the last 3 pages of the trading outlet, or so

Also some ones off the top of my head:
**Project GIANTSWORD **- http://www.projectgiantsword.com/

I got a couple for sale

Click the links in my sig for my thread and site (still a WIP).

Or grab one of EmptyShiki’s. They’re beautiful. I like the curly maple and leopard wood