Why do people care about PP and BP so much

Hi Guys

I was just wondering if anyone on the forums really cares about thier player points and battle points, as alot of my friends do and even pick certain peopele out in ranked so they know they will win. A new friend of mine got really pissed cause his B rank with like10’000 battle points and i beat him with my ryu who has zero in endless. He said i was cheating as its misleading. I use to care when i first started but soon realised it matters alot more how actually could at the game you are. I see people who are B ranks and i beat them when i am D, it means nothing so why do people care?

Points aren’t important, but they are a good indication of a players current level, provided they play ranked at least say 10% of the time. Because of that, and because of the leaderboards, people think more points = “omg ur amazing!”.

Points relate to how much experience you have, and on a general level who you can beat and whether you’re worth fighting in other modes. Take endless for example; some people create lobbies and only play people who they think are worth their time, which is fair enough and is one of the uses of points.

While you’re attaining these points, you’re improving bit by bit, as there are a hell of a lot of people who try their very best to get an easy win with obscure tactics or by playing rediculously seriously. Once you get past them, you can play against other serious people who are of a higher level with whom you can improve even more with.

Points don’t change the dynamics of a fight, but they do allow people to compare themselves to others, which gives some kind of benefit to them.

I think they’re useful because the more points you have the more likely you are to be matched up against skilled players. Aside from that, they aren’t really that important, and they aren’t managed well either so you shouldn’t base your opinions of a player on their points.

To compensate…for their small…you know…

But if it isn’t for that reason, then I dunno. Just a trophy I guess.

Here’s how that breaks down:

If you’re a worthless scrub, points are literally all you play for! Because if you’re winning online, it must be because you’re good even if you’re actually too stupid to even know how, exactly, what you’re doing is supposedly right yourself. Hence, points! Takes the thinking right out of it. Therefore, if you’re playing the game every night and doing the same stupid shit, WHOA! The points mean you’re on the right track to keep doing the exact same thing night after night. You may lose here and there, but in the overall spread there’s clearly no evidence you should change anything at all about your Ryu game.

Until someone finally noticed what a scrub ****** you are, hoses you down both rounds straight, and gloats about it the entire time over voicecomms and later through messages. Then, gee, man, i onlyz ploy 4 funz d00d, taht wuzt even mai main.

Does that clear things up, sport? Because i would absolutely hate for you to continue life wondering about such universal mysteries of why people tend to think scorekeeping matters in competitive games, and get annoyed when it doesn’t.

I have a big PP, I’ll have you know. T - T

I actually find it fun to earn points even if points have absolutely no relation to my actual skill level. I think of it as a fun collectible while I try to improve my Gen.

So long as you’re not point boosting, points are nice to show how much time someone has put into the game for ranked. Although it’s never guaranteed that a 10000 BP will beat a 100 BP, it does give you a general gist of what could possibly come.

I do think that PP/BP is a good indicator of what lies ahead.

If you’re looking at a 1500PP, 4000BP Ryu, you can pretty much guess that he’s not very good, as BP hardly depletes when you lose.

If your opponent’s PP is significantly higher than his BP you can tell he’s learning a new character. If PP/BP is even, he’s probably a good player who only plays that character…

In summary:

  • High PP, Low BP = Solid player learning a new character or playing a new character.
  • Even PP/BP = Solid player specializing in that one character
  • Low PP, High BP = Scrub specializing in that one character

And typically players over 2500 - 3000 PP are pretty decent. Players under 1000 PP are garbage (unless they’re coming up), and players between 1300-2500PP are average…

At least in my experience.

I guess most people that take the game seriously don’t care about points. I’ve myself noticed that people that play endless regularly tend to be wayyy better. What DarkDiscyple said does apply to some extent but then there are ryus that have 3000+ pp and only do c.mk xx hadouken and backjump hardkick.

I lost my stamp collection last summer so my online points are basically all I have left to live for.

This is pretty much right. Although PP losses are huge.Right now I’m doing C to C shining, I went from 3000 PP to 1000 the first couple of days. And then when I used my 2.5k BP Balrog or Ryu or 2k Ken, I’m not a scrub with any of those characters, Its just my situation

This is truth and it boggles my mind…

Did they really beat that many stupid people with those tactics or did they boost?

I’m guessing they really do beat people with those repeat tactics. I’ve seen 4000 PP/8000 BP Gief players sit in a crouching position all day and do Lariat if I dare jump in with an attack. Have no idea how they’ve beaten so many people with the same pattern, tho.

Lame. Online is just lame.