Why do people change characters right after losing a fight?

This one confuses me.

Everytime I play someone online…I always stay with my character…thick and thin. I often get beat repeatedly, but after a few matches I adapt and start turning the tables. The exact match that I win, the opponent immediately chooses another character.

Funny thing is, the pattern repeats…they win for a few matches with the new character, and then I adapt and win…and then, again right after I win, they pick a new character.

I’ve played a guy for 1 1/2 hours and he went through like 6 characters…but only changed when he lost.

So many other opponents do the exact same thing.

Why is this?

Why not? Some people like to play around with different characters and might just change it up when they feel one character isn’t working out.

I can totally agree with that.

And it makes total sense to get a feel for how multiple characters perform in a match… but it’s the serial change of character right after losing from a winning streak that confuses me…I mean, their current character was obviously working out quite consecutively for them.

For example, a 15 to 0 winning streak, but then loose 1 match and then change character.
win another 15…then same thing.

Maybe I’m over analyzing.

  1. Sometimes it gets boring beating people so easily with a character so they change it up to challenge themselves a bit more

  2. Fun (Remember what this is???)

i do this a lot. i do try to stick to one character but after beating someone for so many matches it gets boring especially if they are falling for the same mixups from before. they may have won but the match overall could have been a ‘i dont care im bored’ match. so they switch it up to challenge themselves with a new character they want to learn. best time to practice is on the easy opponents then work your way up.

Well, consider me the human training mode then…lol.

Why do you even care?

Heh, I was wondering the same thing.

because noobs ask silly questions

Alright. Apparently no one wants to give the insider secret answer so I will give it.

If someone is in a winning streak, but changes their character upon a loss, they are minimizing their opponent’s opportunity to learn. The opponent’s one win is like him scratching the surface to your chamber of secrets, so the character change just seals up the entryway.

Pick another character and hopefully, over time, your opponent will forget whatever secrets he learned about your previous character. This is a long-term benefit. Minimize opponent education, maximize future win-streakability.

That’s all there really is to it.


A lot of players do this when playing friendly matches, it’s not competitive, so why not? I often change characters regardless of winning or losing, I just get bored playing with one character for too long.

Switching after a loss is you trying to deny it by trying to win again… I don’t because I want to go at it again and possibly have a chance to correct my previous mistakes.

Thanks for this reply…I thought there had to be something behind it.

If someone is winning and changes their character before you get the chance to beat that character, wouldn’t you be able to say the exact same thing - that they are minimizing your opportunity to learn?

NaCl_y, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. There are so many reasons why a person may change characters upon losing. Remember that there’s always at least 2 sides to every reason. If you want them to keep playing a particular character, you could send them a message and ask them. I’m sure a lot of players out there wouldn’t mind.

some people like to counter pick if their main isn’t cutting the mustard.

It’s not that big of a deal…just thought it would be interesting to see what people thought.

Tuna Fish Riot’s take on it made sense to me since the only way I could really understand why I won is to replay the match. The single wins didn’t really give me time to solidify how I was adapting and stopped me from learning.

So if the reason to change characters was to keep me guessing…it certainly had that effect.

But, there could have been lots of reasons.

Tends to be the opposite for me…

Nobody wants to get beat, so they will win once, and switch it up so you cant ever get a chance to beat their main, even if the first match was really close.

TFR, you’re not even subtle, and yet it works like 90% of the time…
teach me, you magnificent bastard.

one other thing people like to do is if they are betting maybe 3 matches in the row and you win the 4th match. they will just quit the lobby because you beat them once. that kind of is annoying because i can’t get a feel to counter someone play style after only wining one match. although there is nothing you can do about it just find a new lobby and keep fighting.

that sadly is online play . i wish i could play offline more, so i can learn and level up my game faster.

If I’m on any kind of winning streak I’ll usually change before I lose. Its whatever, you’re totally over analyzing it.