Why do people constantly rush down with Ryu?

This is something I have found odd for a while. Ryu has a very solid zoning game, second only to a select few characters. Yet in almost every match I see Ryu players are trying to close distance. Why? Ryu has some decent tools for playing up close but I feel his real strength lies in controlling space with his strong normals and fireball game. It seems to me players would be better server to exploit that aspect of his game more. What do you guys think?

because they are hoping the lag will prevent you from blocking their full screen RH tatsu

Lol sounds as likely as any explanation I’ve heard.

i don’t think you are asking the right questions.

there’s nothing wrong with rushing down, but there is something wrong with rushing down improperly. as you’ve stated, he has great normals, so he has to close distance somewhat to make it effective.

the way i play ryu, the spot i want to be is right around c.rh range. that’s where you can stay safe from pokes, play footsies or dp jumpins.

also, jumpin combos/lvl3 FA leads to highest damage combos, so why would you stay back?

honestly, ryu’s not as great of a zoner as you seem to be giving him credit. what does ryu have that other zoning characters don’t? i can’t name a single thing that makes his zoning special.

ryu is an all-around character. do what works and adapt.

Ryu’s one of my mains but I barely play this game effectively so I’m not sure how serious my commentary should be taken.

However, I take a zoning approach to Ryu. His moveset is built to answer just about everything, making him a solid jack-of-all-trades but master of none character. Playing Ryu with a paced, tactical approach means you can keep your opponent flustered because, while you’re not doing anything particularly special, you’re cutting them off at every pass due to the versatility of Ryu’s attacks.

Rushing down can be done but you’re sure to find yourself on the short end of the stick at some point. His specials all seem like mid-range options (his only special for dealing close damage is the Shoryuken and it’s a risky gambit to just throw out there without baiting it). Good for fighting someone you want to keep at arm’s length but not as great for getting in someone’s face and trying to bull them over (based on my experience, someone like Balrog fights better in that context). His basic attacks all have average range and while not terrible in any way, lack something like Vega’s long reach or Cammy’s speed that have more specific applications.

So, in short, as I see it people who try to stay right up in your face with Ryu are missing the beauty of his simplicity and aren’t playing as tactically as he can be.

Ryu’s zoning might not be better than dedicated zoning characters, but it’s still pretty strong overall. And I wasn’t suggesting playing Ryu as a pure zoner; merely that players do the OPPOSITE too often and discard his zoning tools in fair of closing distance too much.

I’d imagine this is because for weaker players their zoning skills are not great. I think every new players has experienced where they start chucking plasma like they’ve seen the pros do, just to have the other guy jump over and get a huge jump in combo for the effort. Good zoning requires good spacing and reactions and most newer players would rather not risk it.

Most people don’t know how to play Fighting Games and don’t have the proper mindset on how to do so.

  • learning how to zone is quite a great deal harder to do/learn than rushdown
  • rushdown is alot more effective in games these days
  • there is never distinct yes or no areas for zoning unlike frame trapping and normals, it’s so much harder to understand when and where to do things because again you have to take the opponents reads into
    consideration, which again is a whole other area, people either aren’t at the level at which they are looking into adapting to their opponent and just sticking with what works or just don’t care.

Its also just more satisfying to rushdown and get a win.

See, I’m the opposite. I absolutely LOVE the feeling of being able to control space and limit my opponent. I find it a lot more fun to win via a strong zoning performance vs constant rushdown. At least when I play Ryu, my main girl Makoto rushes down more than enough for the both of them lol.

Zoning isn’t as rewarding as it used to be. Also, in some matches he needs to rush-down, such as versus M. Bison.

When u knock down your opponent… Always try to land a set up to maximize your opportunity of knocking him down.

This is matchup dependent I would say. Characters I want to keep off me at all costs (Makoto, Geif, ect.) I would be better served as Ryu to reset positioning and resume zoning rather than risk mistiming a setup and letting them in for free.

Oh yeah and perhaps thawk too

Like others have said, a ton of it in inexperienced players.

It is, also, about how the game is, though. Ryu has all the tools to zone, and he can keep out a lot of characters really effectively at certain points in the match, but in the end, pretty much every character in the game has a tool that will hurt him badly eventually for trying to keep them out. Like vs. gief. Before he has a meter, any halfway decent Ryu can keep him out, zone the shit out of him. As soon as he gets that bar, though, the game changes. You’ll get ex green handed and in a mixup, or just cornered cuz you’re trying to stay out of range of green hand. After he has that bar, you have to go in and play footsies. Even more dangerous are the ones with anti fireball ultras. There’s no character in the game that Ryu can just sit around and zone them out.

Ryu’s goal is to use his zoning to push characters into the corner and then play footsies from a position of advantage, applying mixups after knockdowns.

Well for me and i am sure a lot of other ‘non-hardcore’ players, zoning is boring. It bores me to even have to play a game against a zoner, i like to see combos and feel like i am improving by hitting links.

Sitting back turtling seems cowardly to me, why i cant stand sagat palyers online lol.

Ryu’s fireball isn’t good for zoning from my experience. There’s only a handful of match ups where he can keep people out with fireballs but most of the cast has tools to get around it with ultra and ex. His fireball is best used when it is used as a poke, rather than using it to keep people out imo. The range where his fireball is best used is from ranges where it’s very hard to react to and shuts down a lot of normals. If used from this range people will feel more tempted to jump when you are in the footsie range.

Well at least that’s how I try to use his fireball and find it the most effective…