Why do people hate blanka so much?

I main him. I know people hate the ball spam but he does not have that many combos or moves at all.

I could’ve sworn I saw this same thread like a 100 years ago.

It’s either:

  1. They’re pussies who don’t want to learn the matchup

  2. They want to be spoon fed wins. (Training mode does why can’t real people)

  3. He’s generally an annoying character to play against, but that’s ok. It turns into hate if they’re stupid enough to fall for Blankas shenanigans multiple times.

I’m assuming you’re talking about SF4 Blanka, yes? Pre SF4 Blanka is a different story.

I rike branka! :oops:

blanka isnt in mvc2 what are you talking about

Who said anything about marvel 2???

who said this wasnt about marvel 2???

NO ONE even mentioned marvel 2.

I did

this thread is now about Marvel 2


He’s built around shenanigans and ambiguousness, you’re not stupid if you get hit by a lot of stuff. And for some characters it’s hard to start an offense on him. Who wouldn’t get salty about getting hit with backthrow->hail mary ultra for like 600+ damage.

So are you saying hes for scrubs? If so im going to my guile -__-

Posting in a Marvel 2 thread.

Why the hell is this in Fighting Game Discussion? You couldn’t even put this in the right game’s forum, and even then it would still be kind of out of place considering it’s character specific.

scrub was nowhere in there. i was just saying he is a frustrating character to fight, and it’s difficult for some characters to get a definite grasp on the matchup. thats why people dont like him.

I know i was just asking. sorry if i seemed like i was beaing an ass.

You should do that. Everybody LOVES Guile :tup:

Blanka and Guile are my mains.

who counters blanka in cvs2?

People hate Blanka because:
A)Scrubs dunno how to fight him(like me)
B)He’s an annoying as a obese woman who queefs in public, especially when he’s strong.

Foolish question of course. Another Blanka.

Blanka counters blanka lol. Lets see… sagat… bison and … idk its been a while lol

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