Why Do People Hate Cammy's Stage?


Its my favorite stage in the game, it has the best music to me and the sky is beautiful. But a guy said he HATES the stage, and then Hoss at the arcade ufo tournament said hes run into a lot of people who hate the stage as well, and its his favorite stage too. So if you hate Cammy’s stage, can you tell me why? Sorry if theres an old thread about this. I typed in Cammy Stage Hate, and it mainly brought up SF4 hatred for her herself.

I mean, serious, this is a great song on the CPS2.


WTF are you talking about? I’ve never heard anything like that.

BTW, Cammy’s theme was always present in SBO ST events. Because of how nice it is.


I remember reading some random posts with people complaining about Cammy’s theme.
Maybe it’s some vocal minority or something. Anyways, Cammy’s Theme AST > OST imo


I personally dislike it because that’s the most common opening stage when you play on GGPO (arcade ST likes to start off on the new challengers stages but seems to pick England the most).


I saw a thread explaining how the game chooses your fighting stage. It depends on who would be one of the 2 characters first opponents.


The theme is awesome. People simply hate it because they see it all the goddamn time. Cammy is rarely picked in both casuals and tournaments, thus her stage always comes up. The stage only goes away if Cammy (cpu or character) loses, so odds are, people see this stage a lot.

IIRC, The game picks your initial stage based on whatever character 1p chooses. This only works the first time characters are chosen. Each time after that is determined by character-loss order.


Ok, but do you remember when it was always T. Hawk’s stage? I remember… wanting to rip my ears off.


Hate deejays the most


I hate T Hawk’s theme. Theres some good music in ST, but his is so depressing sounding, especially the freakin SNES version.

When you see Bison’s stage its a treat.


I must be weird, because I like Hawk and Guile’s stage music the best.


Guiles theme is cool. Its just I played Super on SNES, and I hated how T Hawk’s stage sounded, and I still hear it that way when Im on the cabinet even though the cps2 version is playing.



Yeah, the most common reason for not liking Cammy’s stage is due to how often the stage seems to appear. I’ll expand on what studtrooper and eltrouble mentioned at the risk of going too in-depth.

The stage order for arcade Super Street Fighter II Turbo is set when a coin is first dropped in before anyone selects a character or even presses start. When a coin is first dropped in, the game already picks out a random seed that decides which opponents 1P will play, resulting in 17 potential paths, one for each of the characters 1P may eventually select. This set seed is why in the saved session state that GGPO uses (at the player select screen where a coin has already been dropped in), the stage selection is constant until you game over or reset.

Note that only the seed is stored, not the path itself. If 1P picks Ryu, then the set seed will select a different path than if 1P had picked Ken. Although the paths may seem entirely random, there are only a set number of paths and first stage selections for each character in arcade ST; for example, I believe Ryu only has Ken, Guile, Zangief, and the 4 new challengers (T.Hawk, Fei Long, Dee Jay, and Cammy) available as initial opponents. Ryu will never start at India, which is one of Ken’s potential first stages. Of course, none of the characters will ever face the 4 grand masters or a mirror match first either. Overall, every character has the 4 new challengers as potential first opponents (whereas not every world warrior is a first opponent for every character) and the new challengers seem to be the most common first stage selections for all characters as well.

Let’s add all that up. England is one of the 4 most common first stages for every character. Many of us play on GGPO and GGPO’s specific save state has more characters with England as the first stage than any other. Not many people play Cammy to bypass her stage. Therefore, we see England a lot and some folks start getting bored of the stage.

Personally, I’d say England has great aesthetics and music. Cammy’s stage also has clear visibility and average speed (unlike Chun Li’s stage and Honda’s stage respectively), both welcome in competitive play.

Back in the day, England was also useful as a barometer to judge an ST port’s accuracy within a minute. Perhaps because of CPS2’s additional power and speed, England is one of the busiest stages in the game, especially with its aurora borealis (northern lights) effects. Incidentally, the ST ports we’ve used for tourneys in the past (DC, PS1, PS2) have all correctly rendered the stage but every other ST port hasn’t. By the aurora’s warping effect, I mean the “tails” at the bottom of the aurora curling in and then expanding again:

Amiga: incorrect distancing between foreground elements and no background animation at all (no crows even)
GBA: completely redrawn and no warping effect on the aurora (only a wave effect)
3DO: aurora and forest textures are noticeably downgraded and the aurora warping effect doesn’t animate correctly
PC: incorrect, minimal aurora warping effect and the bridge is too high
SS: no warping effect on the aurora (only a wave effect)
PS1: correct
DC: correct
PS2: correct


I could play on Cammy stage until the end of time. Yall are crazy.


I always select Guile. I always end up with China and then later Honda if I switch to Chun.

I didn’t know anybody could hate Cammy’s stage. It’s quite majestic.

But I guess tastes vary. Too dark/too busy/whatever, I love it, it’s one of the pinnacles of FG stages.