Why do people hate keep away teams?

Since mvc3 has been out I havn’t played a real keep away team until yesterday. I’ve changed my team probably 50+ times just trying to experiment with different setups. (Probably why I never win tournaments even though I usually do ok).

So anyway yesterday I was like fuck it and I just make a dorm, doom, sent team. Messed around in training mode for about 10 mintues and was like I played all these characters on different teams before. Let me just go online and play some matches. Instantly get a 42 game win streak among MANY MANY hate mails.

I seriously think next tourny I go to I’m just gonna run my keep away strat. I know I know online isn’t the same as offline yes I know this but u get an idea of what people are gonna do and what you can do.

Edit: Side little note. Not sure if it was just a coincidence but I noticed most of my hate messages came from people that had wolv on there team. My theory on that is they couldn’t mash anything out or do his abc bnb’s. I’m probably wrong on that but there was a strange pattern I saw of who sent me messages.

Double EDIT: I’ve dropped Sent on this team and added someone else that works a HELL OF ALOT better.

Lmfao! I’m taking that team as my third team! Excellent HP, except for sentinel. I want the hate mail, it’s hilarious!

I have two teams: (Capt, Ryu, Deadpool), (Wolv, Hagg, Arthur) and I enjoy the difficulty of getting in with these teams.

Capt can charging star through projectiles to get in (I usually wait for the puddle to disappear), and Wolv team just berserker slashes through everything herpa derp. I usually X-factor early to kill off character. Keep away teams are only keep away when they have support. Once you take out one character, strategy changes a lot.

The BEST keep away I’ve ever played against was Arthur, Ammy, Sent.

Because they’re annoying to deal with. It’s not fun chasing someone around the screen for 30 marvel seconds and only getting one chance to hit.

Marvel online+sentinel/who the fuck cares chances are you’re awful with this character anyway/doom=an unpleasant fight.

Pretty much this. Fighting keep away characters is really frustrating if you don’t know how to deal with it.

You are playing ass people then, wolvie destroys dorm,doom and especially sentinel, magneto makes your team useless, zero will make you cry and pheonix… just pheonix lol…

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Because they suck. Play better people.

Dorm/Doom/Sent is certainly an annoying team with good keepaway, but there are a lot of characters who can go around that.

As for your win streak, pretty much anyteam with a decent strategy can rack up wins online. I played MvC3 online for the first time yesterday and went on a 19 win streak before I got tired of people running into Haggar and lag. People online just put together their favorite characters and hope for the best without any real strategy involved.

This lol

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I just put together my favorite characters without any thought to team synergy. I just try to make it work since those are the characters that i enjoy playing individually.


I won’t be winning any serious tournaments with this group, but I have fun.

It’s not just Marvel, EVERYBODY hates the concept of a keep away character that is actually good.

Most the time when people hate things in fighting games its because they haven’t figure out how to counter it.

Because people don’t want to learn how to deal with different situations. They want you to come to them and make mistakes. They don’t want to go chase and force mistakes.

The only thing that really pissed me off was runaway Storms in MvC2.

because the goal of your strategy is to frustrate your oponent. and you ask why people hate it?

Because most people are smart enough (not saying much) to know that most people playing a pure keepaway team is doing it for the sake of trolling. I’ve even ran into keepaway teams who go so far as to lag switch as soon as I finally get close enough to start a combo to get me to drop my combo and reset the situation so they can keep doing it then taunt if they win making it obvious that it’s a troll team. Also because of the unavoidable lag in online mode, it’s a troll that makes people feel helpless so anyone who’s not used to it is obviously gonna lash out if they don’t have the characters/experience to deal with it.

It’s almost like being in an elite dojo and watching some dude with a machine gun come in and wreak havoc, not because he has a vendetta against that dojo but because he knows most of those people aren’t gonna be able to do a damn thing about it.

I can see scrub mentality being a legit reason in a competitve setting where you should expect cheap stuff but online is as casual as it gets and calling people scrubs without even knowing whether they play seriously or not is kinda ignorant.

Keep away strategy is at least more tolerable in MVC3 than in MVC2 thanks to the X-factor and assist partners taking 50% extra damage and their minimized invincibility. I’m glad the MVC3 team took that issue seriously.

In MVC2, all those scrubs had to do was pick Iceman (chip damage don’t apply to him) as their main and hold the joystick back throughout the match and their best defense/offense were the assists

I question the validity of this statement

I respect keepaway a whole lot and I find players like Eddie Lee (just the history behind the guy makes him a beast), Arturo, Megaman steve and Dios X a whole lot.

I just think it takes more skill in this game to win with keepaway/chip teams than it does with Wesker/Wolverine/Akuma/Magneto etc so I automatically respect it more.Also it teaches you good blocking and patience which is 50% of playing fighting games.

Arturo hates MVC3 but I think Eddie Lee’s team would work so well for him, its a shame he doesnt play.Watching Eddie Lee at guard crush going toe to toe with new players, showing people the ‘lame stuff’ as Chris Hu put it, was so inspiring, it made me just want to learn how to properly block and defend with the Haggar assist.


Don’t want to die slow. Would rather deal with level 1 x-factor Wolverine.