Why do people hate RC cola so much?

Why do people hate RC cola so much? I mean seriously guys.:rofl:

It really over-emphasizes the sweetness of cola. Same with Pepsi, IMO.

Do they still make RC cola?

shut up or agree with me.

RC is better than Coke(water with some soda in it) and Pepsi(syrup-pop).

RC is the shit, period. 99 cent 2L? Yes pls

we must enlighten the masses. sir.

Haha that was the shit they included for free without even asking in the cheap ass pizzas we used to order.

RC cola had to pull the weight of the cheap lazy pizza.

BLAH FUCK RC COLA BLAH :mad::mad::mad:

But yeah, I remember getting that swill for free whenever I ordered from Mimi’s Pizza at Fort Gordon that one time. Considering that the place closed down after I left due to it having roaches…yeah.

I still drink RC cola sometimes, even though it is rare for me to drink soda in general. I like it better than Coke but less than Pepsi. Never knew people had something against it.

The biggest problem with RC is that it tastes flat right out the bottle,

carbonate that shit up some yo

I never knew people had strong opinions on RC Cola. Why?

I hate them because they discontinued the best thing I ever drank: Nehi. I am indifferent to what they currently offer. I just hate them for taking Nehi away.

I used to drink RC cola all the time back in the days when they were like $.89 a bottle. Those were the good days. These days RC cola is very hard to find where I live.

it leaves a grainy/sticky black coating on your tongue, that’s why i hate it. i really can’t fuck with any non-coke/pepsi “cola” flavored sodas bcuz of that.

RC cola roll cancels through flavor.

Honorable Mention: Tahitian Treat

Tahitian Treat. Oh my god. I love that diabetes-inducing beverage.

12-packs come with morphine and an axe for that useless foot you have now.

is store brand soda’s underrated?

It’s like pepsi is the “u mad” fake heat fans and store brand is like the knicks fans.