Why do people join games with less than 3 green bars?

I noticed that when you search for a match the ping reading is actually accurate when it comes to input lag. Usually when I host I see that people always join and have green bars regardless of the connection for like the first 30 seconds.

So why when people search for a match do they pick connections that don’t read 3 green bars? Do people just not care? The input lag is way more noticeable and changes the game when the connection reads yellow or especially orange. You would think as good as people think they are they would actually care about something like this but I guess if they’re winning it doesn’t matter. Then they get all offended when you boot them from the room because the game is playing like shit.

Why does this happen?

I only join yellow bar games if there’s no green bar games. Usually when I get in, the connection is green and stays green the entire time and is ok to play on.

yea i see that alot. its annoying.

I never see the room connection the same as the players connection when I enter a room. Also there are sometimes when it’ll say a players connection is bad but the match plays normally. At least for me.

its a struggle fr people in the uk due to the useless broadband setup in most areas, as such the majority of people i know in uk will get green to yellow bars. UK cant handle lots of net traffic plain and simple the exchanges are shit unless u live in a massive city.

when i search its green for all of them for 1 second then goes down to yellow or red some stay at green plus i still get unable to join even with a full green bar prolly cuz someone joined before me but it pisses me off i get like 5 unable to join before i get into a match so yellow works best for me