Why do people play on good setting?

I just played a frustrating 20 minutes or so of kaillera, where I could be audibly heard swearing throughout. Why do people insist on playing on the good setting on kaillera? You simply can’t react to anything or punish. You can’t hit confirm either, but I suppose it doesn’t matter since it’s too hard to punish. I’m pretty sure Slide and Ryu1999 use excellent atleast. What possible benefit can people see in the good setting? Heck, even excellent isn’t that good, but still atleast it’s semi-playable.

I’ve said elsewhere that you can’t take kaillera seriously on any level, and I still stand by that. However, it’s simply just not even remotely fun, atleast to me, when the games are such an absolute farce.

not all connections can handle excellent.
hardly anyone uses 0.61 to benefit enough from excellent.
because like you said kaillera is serious people will put with the lag to play a couple rounds.

Its possible to play on lan with 100+ ping as long as you have a descent upload speed to handle a few extra bytes (Gives less lagg and I always do it when my ping is >60). The reason everyone plays in good is because of emulinker’s current state. It has a vital part missing (which determines user’s maximum delay) and treats everyone as if they are in the first timeband. So for higher connections with people who are in higher time bands, game instantly stalls (after sending the second lot of frames to server until it gets them from server) and games get extremely choppy and discontinuous and unplayable. In addition, Emulinker does not treat players as individuals like it should. It results in everyone having delays for one high ping black sheep. Next time u play on UKOS or official server, set your connection setting all the way up to LAN for less delay. ANd for emulinker…u’d have to choose your connection setting wisely. Good shoud work all good for people with ping 0 <-> 3/0.06 etc… Excelent for 0 <-> 2/0.06 and lan for 0 <-> 1/0.06…if your ping is outside that…you should not choose lan or expect to have a good game.

While my reaction speed is alot better on Excellent, my combo execution ability suffers greatly. I do not have combo execution problems on Good.

I just use good because everyone else does. When I play ryu1999 in a3 we play on excellent which my connection can handle. I’d play on the highest setting if need be. I dont experience lag and delay like some so its not a problem.

Like Chibi, I just use good cause thats what everyone else uses. Im sure my connection could handle excellent though.

its default. i would play on excellent but nobody else does.

I’ve found that if your ping isn’t almost exactly the same and 60ms or less, excellent tends to be unstable, or even lag worse.
I only use it with people I already know.

Would it also account for greater desync chance with faster connection type? I notice it through observation so I have nothing concrete to base on, it’d be nice to get some hard answers.

From what I’ve seen, it seems to ghost more often on excellent.

Same here. Wish someone would host a UOKS version just so things could be tested and compared. It could help in the quest to optimize kaillera.

I think desynchronization is dependent on emulator design and its level of integration with kaillera. For example mame32k0.64 vs mame32k0.67(people keeps telling me this one always desyncs). Connection setting just determines how many times user sends and gets play value frames. Of course…it always sends all of 60 frames.