Why do people run away before quitting?

Seriously. This has happened to me more times than I can count. Is not taking damage before a person quit really worth that much to him?

They run away if they are pretty sure:

  1. They are going to lose and don’t want it on record
  2. Believe that the fight wasn’t won “honorably”, silly scrub talk that justifies disconnecting because the match wasn’t fought “correctly”, in the scrub’s eye
  3. You were winning with a character they don’t like. I’ve received mail like " Ur gay with Vega" LOL
  4. You completely outclass them and they quit in anger

Gotta love the haters.

I still send them “Thanks for the gorgeous time!” so they get some Vega love.

It’s probably because they’re playing to win. :bgrin:

I think what 1hitparry meant was why do people jump/ back away before they rage quit. Not-Why do people rage quit. Though I have been wrong before

Yeah, I’ve noticed this alot too when people don’t like the 50,000 sonic booms I throw at them. They’ll either start blocking or *attempting to neutral jump them, as if to say “See, your tutrtle tactics have no way of hurting me if I turtle too.” Then they land on 2 booms and quit.

LMAO…I’ve experienced that

Yeah, I meant that.

The real question is why are akuma’s allowed to RQ?

This thread isn’t just about rage quitting!!! -_-’ There’s already a thread for that. This was in response to going 1-4 with my Honda (me losing most of the time) and as soon as I pick my main, the guy just jumps back and quits. I was especially bent out of shape because he kept doing stuff that I have a hard time dealing with as Honda (cross up mix ups with Blanka and cross up wall dives).

lol, well there is a reason cowards live to fight another day.

So its more like they run away from you, open a rift in the dimension and GTFO! :wgrin:

You can only quit by pressing Start then quitting, but if you are falling dead, the Xbox won’t let you quit that way, so they jump back to conserve energy while quitting on you.

they scurrrd