Why do people turtle with Cody?

Every other cody ive faced online just tries turtling in the corner.

Ex Ryu players trying to play Cody?

I bet they throw rocks all day long…

because it works :slight_smile: theres not much they cna do about chucking rocks, RH RK, cody’s 12 AA’s, bingo/ex bingo and CU. I play him like a zoner, because he’s so damn good at it. i don’t turtle in the sense that i hold d/b all day, but i won’t let them get in on me, because once you get knocked down or rushed down, you’re gonna start having a hard time…

it’s boring, yes, but ultimately, that’s how i see him being played most effectively.

Cody isnt suited for turtling in more ways than one.

I barely ever, if ever, turtle…Cody’s more for zoning, and he’s quite capable of keeping good distance from his opponents thanks to the ability to string from rock throwing…I couldn’t see people turtling with him, because there’s just no need.


because this game favors turtling.

also, this. :rofl:

no penalty for holding d/b all day – just look at rog.

I only like turtling in TMNT. In videogames turtling is cowardly, that’s why I hate charge charaters

I need a teacher for cody, mine still suck

iv been playing cody rushdown and he has a mindfuck game with s mp and f+mp for tick throws and c lk uppers

zoning? havnt really tried to do that…

well i agree with cicada, his zone is crazy. In this game its good to just take a step back and down load the player your fighting. If you score a knockdown of course you should use cody’s crazy mix up game, but imo you can unlock cody’s great mixup game unless you use his great zoning first.

Turtle is the first tactic noobs pick up because they do not know how to use normals. So they most just end up sitting in their little corner chucking their projectiles and only attack with fierce and round house. Thats just how noobs play when they first pick up the game.

Some of you need to look up what turtle means, ya making it seems like it’s a bad thing.

You really shouldn’t be turling with Cody but it’s a viable defense. You can zone with rocks at mid-range and using Last Dread Dust because that is the only move from that distance that can punish a mistake at that range. Rocks suck at full screen and shouldn’t be used in that manner anyway. You could hang back and punish jump ins with HK Ruffian Kick or the Jaw Cracker but unless your opponent isn’t smart about the matchup then that won’t happen too much. Other than that Cody should always be on the move using Stomach Blow to keep offensive pressure and have the offense flow from that.

I turtle/zone with Cody. It is just my style and nothing to be looked down upon, this is coming from a (possibly?) ex sim player so yeah just my 0.2.


Offline I got that cody pressure game all day but online where there’s mad input lag and mashers all over the place and I hang back and let them kill themselves on my ruffians and jaw breakers :rofl:

I’m surprised people are winning turtling with Cody considering his lack of anti airs. I mean, rocks are pretty slow on start up aren’t they? Just dash forward and jump when you think he’s gonna throw one and viola. It works against Ryu so I don’t see why it shouldn’t work against him.

I hope that was a joke.

i just rushdown with cody, but im a bison player so what do i know–check some of my replays on psn i think i was #2 US for cody bp yesterday–i rush down but it can get sloppy and i should probably zone more. but i hate being on defense with cody since im used to having teleport and ex pc with bison–cody aint got shit on D

yo buddy, ppl turtle with chars like this because they dont know how to build a good offense!
i already saw ppl turtling with cammy(LOL), wich is one of the most offenssive chars.