Why do pool play and semi-finals on same day?


Why? Should have just ran semi-finals tomorrow so we could watch ALL of it instead of doing matches off stream. It also gives the players a chance to rest and think.

Should have just done UMVC3 and SSF4 AE pool plays today. It’s not like the matches are exciting in pool play. People could have switched between streams.

EVO is a huge disappointment compared to previous tournaments simply because of the format.


It’s a problem if people are playing both games?


1500 entrants.


Because having a game with 1500 entrants and a game with 1200 entrants running at the same time would be retarded.


Evo should have multiple camera setups on a lot more screens to stream, they’d select the most hype match to show people whether it’s on stage or not, it was fucking retarded not seeing Daigo put Latif in losers or many other hype matches.

They should have learned this by now WTF!

Also, lol @ charging $12 on top of that, FAIL.


Translation: Stream Monster Bullshit

Are you going to pay for the extra equipment and man-hours necessary to make all that happen? Since you’re bitching so much about the $12 fee they’re charging this year for stream chat (the one that goes to a good cause), you’re probably not the type that’s going to help them bring FREE CONTENT to you. So then quit your bitching.



And also, I’m sure the people who are conducting this whole tournament would really have it formatted that way if they really could. But like the above comments already mentioned; the man-hours, the equipment, maintaining the quality of the streams etc. for over thousands of people for that long would be overload. Not to mention the funds needed to have a high standing tournament that way.


I just figured Metallicaband’s post was a troll. I couldn’t imagine someone being that out of touch. If you wanna see the hype off stream matches you simply have to be there in person. What’s more, even if you’re there in person you’ll miss more matches than lobstering it up on these streams. I literally had 5 pop out windows going on my 2nd monitor. I could just mute and unmute the matches I wanted to see. If you were there in person you’d have to be running all over creation trying to see all that. They’re going crazy with the streams this year already.

[S]Though I am sad Skullgirls didn’t make it onto any streams.[/S] :frowning:

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Since the FGC is going all E-sport I didn’t think that would be a lot to ask for, I’d be happy to donate money to improve the viewing experience, I’m not from the states or North America so it’s going to cost an arm and leg to travel there, I would have been there if I lived in NA.

Also, I didn’t mean to have the option to watch every single match from pools till the end, at least the quarter and semi finals.

Asking for improvement is bitching and instant conclusion that I’m a stream monster? I’m willing to bet that this will happen eventually, improvements happen when people ask for it, so if you’re satisfied with the situation, it sure as hell doesn’t mean others are forced to be satisfied as well.


It’s not an ESPN, CBS, Fox etc. production. It’s EVO and it’s not the MLG with their 10 minutes between matches. I too would like to see that kind of setup and I think it’s something that could be done in the future but right now they have to work with the limitations they have with the equipment that is available and the software to do all of that. Would it be awesome to have commentators for a couple of different stations and switch to the most hype match going on? Hell yes it would be. But realistically getting people to be able to commentate on that and setting that all up would be a nightmare and be costly.

It’s something to shoot for in the future but EVO 2012 has been far from a “FAIL” and I think it’s been fully worth my $12 bucks. Not to mention that $12 bucks, or at least part of it, is going to somewhere good. Spooky, Haunts and the EVO staff have been running an absolutely brilliant tournament. And considering the size and scope of it with so many competitors and spectators there that’s saying something.

I’d wager you didn’t even pay and are watching the still quite good 480 version of the stream.