Why do Scrubs like Shotos so much?


Why? Why do so many scrubs in SF4 play Ryu and Ken? Why? Sure, they’re ridiculously easy to combo with, and the DP has insane priority. But why? There’s Sagat, he’s top tier, fairly broken (not as broke as Chun in 3S), but at least he’s different! I mean, there’s 25 characters, why do Scrubs only play 1 or 2? I’d rather fight 200 scrub Rufus’ in a row, that would be at least a little unpredictable and maybe a bit of a challenge.

Why does Capcom have such a big hard on for Ryu and Ken and gave them incredibly easy ways to combo and cancel into that cursed Shoryuken?

I know I’m not unearthing anything new, but christ. I’m playing on PC, and I thought this would be better than the consoles because there’s shouldn’t be as many people on, and not nearly as many Shoto Scrubs. But no! Every other match is with a Shoto Scrub, and you beat them down, then they message you racist shit. It’s like Kaillera all over again.

Fuck SSF4 if they give you no option to filter out the Shoto Scrubs.

3rd Strike Riddle: 8

Did you just lose to Ryu for a hour or something?


u mad?


Why do Scrubs like Shotos so much?

You tell me… ya scrub


i like that salty sally shuffle you got going on.


I fought 10 frriggin Shotos in a row. I’m burned out on this game, man.

I are mad. Rage.


lmao. Well, apparently they are better than you, at the very least. =P

Ryu and Ken are comparably easy to pick up and be decent with. I mean, I haven’t played Street Fighter for years now, and I got into the game the quickest with those two.


If it makes you feel better I can play you if you want, but you shouldn’t get mad over baby stuff and make threads in the wrong place.


To the OP:

People like shotos alot more than other characters because they are the EASIEST characters to start off playing with. Ryu and Ken is about as newb friendly as a fighting game character can get, however they do have alot of depth to them, especially Ryu, who is top tiered.


It’s just character appeal and aesthetics. Since World Warrior, many new players have always favored to use Ryu and Ken.


I find the scrubs who go out of their way to not pick a shoto, suck at the game, and complain about shoto users much more annoying than shoto scrubs.


I find myself agreeing most wholeheartedly, sir.


eh… why don’t you ask those scrubs instead of SRK

  1. its the first character you see

2.omg this blue fire hits people from far away

  1. omg when people jump i can hit them with this uppercut

4.omg stupid players don’t expect me to do uppercut when i get up

so really, the reason scrubs play shotos is because other scrubs can’t fight shotos.


It’s easier when QCF is used for everything. And mashing:df::df::p::df::df::p::df::df::p::df::df::df::df::p:


Why the capitalization on “scrubs”?


I have a compelling documentary on this subject: [media=youtube]YJXI_gGwJK0[/media]


They’re the easiest for someone who is new the genre to relate to.

They wear a Gi and have a colored belt and they’re pretty much super karate guys who are ubber cool and stoof.

Or so I’ve been told.


Because they’re not stupid-looking, and they’re on the box.

If people all rushed to the shotos, we’d see alot more Ryo players in KOF.


Like others said, Ryu and Ken are newb friendly. When I first played SF, I always picked Ryu. Now I got a bit better, and I now picks Akuma. Don’t you dare say he’s a shoto, because he is entirely different from Ryu and Ken. Can Ryu and Ken do a Raging Demon??? Huh?? Hell to the no they can’t :smile: