Why do scrubs play SFIV?


Rhetorical question.

They are really really shit at the game. I just had a match with one ken player and all he did was a backward jump arc, one or two hadoukens, maybe a tatsumaki and some random normals… only coming close to grab. But for most of the match he tries to make sure we are at max possible distance with each other. I find many online matches where the scrub picks a projectile character are like this.

What is this achieving for him? It achieves nothing. All it leaves room for is fireball wars and he or I won’t improve. I don’t understand the motivation…is it fun for them? I can’t imagine it is… Would they be deilberately shit at counter strike (random example) but still get kills by stealing them or shooting in the back and then convincing themselves they are good?

I mean, I am shit at the game too but I’m not a scrub. I would rather try stuff out and lose than maintain a shitty level that would never hold in high-level play.


b/c it’s fun?


You know they make fighting games for fun, it’s not all about high level competition.


Maybe… I guess I just don’t see it that way


Winning is fun. If they are doing what they usually do and are winning then it’s fun for them.


Scrubs make me look good :slight_smile:

All jokes aside, people are just having fun. I mean, is fun watching a beginner Akuma player tap “Jab, Jab, Short, Back Heavy Punch” like a million times trying to do the Demon special from across the screen, lol. Even when you keep pounding on them, they get right back up, still trying to do the Demon special, lol. Their determination is admirable. “Demon Special, or Death!” That’s has to be their motto, lol.


It’s laughable. But when they get rounds it’s like “WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT”. If you’ve played one scrub you’ve played them all. Here are some tactics:

Reversal special after knock down
Desperate Ultra after getting knocked down and low on health
Will actually stop, walk up to you and grab (the cheek of it!)
Jump in after a fireball
Enjoy c.hk
And of fucking course, j.hk,chk combo.

I hate them.


Why would you hate them? They way you are talking you are pistol whipping them, treat them like a grappling dummy.


why do scrubs make stupid threads? this isn’t gamefaqs. its srk bro.


You and me are the same, I would also like to pistol whip them


Close this thread. If anything it belongs in the Street Fighter 4 section.


Because SFIV rewards turtling because of how slow everything is, and not to mention once your opponent gets ultra you have to back off as soon as possible.

However, sometimes you get those dudes that just rush you down with J.Hk and C.HK…and it’s annoying because of how boring it’s to play against people like this.

Also, this is another example of a bastardization of the word, scrub by using it to describe newbs.


I don’t know, ask yourself. :rofl:


lol I’m willing to put 5 on knowing where his red came from :lol:


I agree, I am shit but I would like to be better. I try stuff out in matches knowing I may get punished and done in. It’s frustrating that I don’t learn anything from playing with these scrubs and they’re all over the place there I said it


It’s about gettin’ hype!!


look retard, why don’t you add people from srk to your friends list so you won’t be stuck playing “SCRUBS” its that damn simple. just expect to get raped a lot though.


because its the newest, biggest fighting game? wtf else are they going to play


Naruto. :rofl::rofl:


Damn beat me too it.

Allow me to add a rimshot for you sir