Why do sneakers today use such garish color combinations?


Im not really a shoe or sneaker person, but I was wondering why so many sneakers use weird colors like pink and green, with purple laces or something to that effect.
Is it just current style or a marketing gimmick?
Does it appeal to certain demographics?
Maybe Im too simple, but I like a mostly white or black with some trim. Am I alone?



Every shoe or “colorway” doesn’t need a nickname either.


Chucks to the end, baby.


White, black trime, Black, white trim, White, silver trim, or White, blue trim for life.

Special exceptions to be made for particularly good looking Blue pairs.

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Swag is your shoes looking like a bubblegum dish and your clothes looking like a box of Froot Loops.

*… oops I meant #swag *


I’m all for this trend, one of my RL gimmicks is always wearing almost pure blue shoes, it’s something I’ve done since I was a freshman and always kept with it. With the current “OMG THE COLORS!” trend it makes my selection way better than it used to be.


Its for modern day hippies who wish to freak you out and express their individuality by buying expensive name brand sneakers.


It’s the style yo. I remember when clothes were huge and multi colored. I think they called that style House.

I’m not into fashion…I just wear some black vans. Been wearing vans since I was a kid. They seem to last me the longest.





On the real though, most of these sneakers aren’t really supposed to be worn on your everyday business. They’re more for going out or specific outfits every few weeks. Some people just like to collect them, like baseball card inserts.


Maybe people find plain black and/or white shoes boring?


It’s a way to “Stand out” amongst your hip and trendy peers.
Problem is, Everyone else is doing it.

“Oh look I got a shirt that says obey, lensless glasses and rainbow shoes! Skiny jeans! SWAG! I’m so unique!”
"Lol you look like every other person I see walking down the street! :rofl: "
“Shut up, why are you saying hurtful things! Trying to put me down for expressing myself!”
“So is everyone else… In the exact same way you are :rofl: You look like a fag dude”


im not liking that every training shoe has to have some sort of Neon yellow, green, or pink on it either. Not really my style.




They look like a bunch of fruit stripe packages


Once you go black you never go back

i fucking hate these clown shoes they have today, if the trainer/sneaker aint 80% black it dont go on my foot


The answer is because these “garish” colors look cooler, and more interesting than your standard drab colors; and they do stand out, as well as they should. You’d best start wearing clothes that stand out if you want to have sex, chump. That’s the first step.

Yes, you’re too simple, and you’re alone lol. Stop being insecure, and making excuses of superiority to compensate for your social stagnation, you fucking pathetic indoor-dwelling faggots. You can condescend all you want, and you can keep watching anime on your computer, and staying a permavirgin, too. You are not better, you’re just out-of-touch. I can’t stand pretentious, mundane-minded dweebs like you.

Everyone has their own path. Follow the path that works for you, and stop imposing your views on other people. Yours is not better than another. Everyone has to find their own way through life.

Myself, I’d rather not look like a boring as fuck simple average joe tool. But if you’d rather not, then that’s your thing, too. You’re not better for it, though, you’re just a different person (probably close-minded). The more you try to act like you’re above everyone else who tries to be different, the more you look like you’re trying to excuse yourself for being a loser.

Note: right now I’m wearing gray and white sneakers. I like that way, too. It really depends on how it gels with the other colors I have on, and I have a white t-shirt, and blue jeans, so the gray sneakers go with it. I also have black and white converses with green shoelaces. It’s not garish, but the green adds a nice touch by standing out to the eye from the usual white shoelaces that traditionally go with black and white sneakers, and there’s never anything wrong with breaking tradition.

There is some truth in saying that it’s not standing out, or looking cool, if everyone else is doing the exact same thing. Which is why I stopped wearing hats. But you just have to get your priorities straightened out. What are you trying to do: stand apart from the crowd, or look cool? If everyone else is doing it, but it looks good for you, then do it. Or, if you’re like me, you’ll want to do the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing usually. So DO WHATTHEFUCKEVER YOU WANT TO DO.

But once you start saying things like “hippy,” and “you look like a fag,” well, then you kind of just give yourself away as a narrow-minded idiot.

At the end of day, it all comes down to what kind of person you are. Fashion is just an accessory, or a statement, to you as a person. But your clothes don’t make you the person. Myself, I think I stand out as an individual mind enough already the way I am, so I don’t feel like I need to assert myself too much. What really matters is what kind of person you are; and so for those of you who feel secure in your mediocrity among the blur of the masses… safe that you’re ‘a normal person like everyone else,’ and feel free to criticize anyone who dares set themselves apart … you’re just terrified of your place in the universe, and it’s transparent to me. If the kind of person you are is ‘just another piece of shit that makes this world an awful place,’ then what good is that going to do you? Great, you wear normal clothes, and you’re a serial killer. Or a right-wing pissant. GOOD FOR YOU. I have no idea how anyone can feel like being average is something to brag about. Hey! Guess what? I dress normal most of the time, too! And I’m a way better person than YOU ARE, DanDan. What stands out on the Internet is your mind, and that’s where you can forget about being superior since you’re not better than any other piece of shit on the Internet.

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i wouldn’t really say it’s the current style either, early and mid 90’s always had loud trainers, no neon colours though, not that i can remember, we had flashing lights though, LA gear, i wonder what ever happend to them


You too?

Black Vans, white trim.

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How can it not be the current style when my daughter and all of her friends wear that shit and every other kid I see at the bus stop or in front of her school is dressed the same? It is the current style for most kids these days.

House, the style that was in when I was a freshman in high school. Big baggy clothes with bright ass neon colors, a jansport backpack with pacifiers hanging all over it and the chicks always wore boxers. At the time (1994 I think) that was hip/current style or fashion. Im pretty sure that style didnt last very long though. Really, the clothes just got a bit…tighter and they changed it from House to Raver. Hell, at that time Puma’s where the shoes everyone wanted.


This is very true. The 80s were even more like that.

Trends repeat themselves.