Why do so many people like reality shows and song/dance shows?

I havent really watched much TV in the last 10 years with living abroad and being busy with school, but can anyone enlighten me how reality shows and Music related shows have become so prevalent on US .
I see like 5 karaoke shows on the broadcast networks, most of the the cable chanels seem to have regular people in various setups mugging for the camera, even on channels like Food network,
Other than LOST, 24, house, and the shows on the premium movie networks, it seems like people arent really excited about scripted dramas and comedies that much anymore.

I dont get it either. There are like 5 of those “tow” shows on tv, and they’re all on the same network. They’re suppose to be reality shows but that shit is scripted and the acting is fuckin’ terrible. Yet they’re still on so apparently people enjoy this garbage but I cant figure out why.

Its called Sensationalism. Anything that will get the audience to emotionally tie themselves to a character/person.

There has been a recent study about television from decades ago to today. In the 80’s sex was the hot topic for shows but now it looks like fist fights are the new craze. Compare the reality shows from the 90’s to now-a-days.

In the 90’s, any Real World cast member who physically touched another person was removed from the house without a doubt. Now on Jersey Shore, there seems to be a fist fight every season.

In short, Reality television is the devil!

reality shows are aight, amazing race gets fuckin amazing at times.

We’ll do It live!

Depends on the type of show, things like Big Brother bore me to hell. I enjoy shows like Xfactor or Idol, because it’s everyday people displaying raw talent, it grows even more enjoyable as weeks go by when you start to see their true personalities etc.

The growing trend towards more reality shows is a concern, shows like Arrested Development, Sarah Connor Chronicles are expected to compete on the same level of viewership as these shows. Studio invest less and less into epic series, and opt for cheaper shows where they don’t have to pay their stars (ie the public)

Like dirzzt pointed out, why call it reality if its scripted? Kinda negates the point imo.

People like to perpetuate the fantasy that THEY could be on TV someday too. Reality TV in a nutshell.

nobody cares if it’s scripted, it’s entertainment.

Maybe I’m weird, but after a day in the workplace dealing with annoying people and boring everyday concerns, I would like to take a break from that and watch something totally different, like sci-fi show or a cartoon.

Stupid people like following stupid people.

Reality shows that involve some sort of physical competition, I can tolerate, but I have to be bored outta my goddamn mind to watch those that focus mainly on “real life drama.”

I don’t get it. My brother and his girl constantly watch American Idol type shows, Intervention, Hoarders, all that shit. She had never seen The Shawshank Redemption and turned it off 30 minutes in to watch a DVRed episode of Storage Wars or some bullshit. :shake:

and more than likely she watches MTV religiously

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Fuck Jersey Shore.

I wish Hurricane Irene swepted them out to sea!

Some people think it’s entertaining, some people just don’t have anything else on t.v. after work. There is a bunch of reasons…All “reality” t.v. is pretty lame but we’re probably in minority thinking that.

The oceans couldn’t handle all the grease.

If by so many people you mean old people and tweens. Then yeah.

Jersey Shore…Yeeeah Buddy!

I guess so you can live vicariously through them.

I have hated reality shows since there conception. I watch tv to escape. If I want real shit I’ll go outside

If it weren’t for reality shows we wouldn’t have The Soup to continuously show how stupid they are. Don’t be hatin’.