Why do so many people pick the Training Stage?

Every time I play someone on the PC version, 90% of the time if their in charge of choosing the stage they pick the stupid training stage. That is the most boring and lifeless looking stage in the entire game. So what the hell?

Well just a guess but maybe its because a lot of people that play can’t concentrate properly you know on the other stages with shit moving around in the background. And especially if its an important tournament something like that can easily throw someones focus off.


I guess some of it can become distracting…but to be honest I hardly notice what level I’m in after the match starts. I guess some people have more difficulty focusing than others. The only reason I’ve ever picked Training Stage was because I thought that if there was a slightly bad connection then at least the stage animations wouldn’t make it worse. However I’m pretty sure that isn’t an issue. Personally I just hit random.

I only do it because some of my opponent have slow pc or lag and and training stage require less.

@WuTangTurtle Yeah agreed, though honestly it can be mainly because i like playing to just have fun and certain stages set the mood for me like the Training stage is just tooo blank for my tastes i feel like i can’t properly play because it just gives off this ‘‘Shit just got real’’ kind of atmosphere lmao.

the lines on the floor and walls help in determining range for specials and pokes. it’s the only stage that has that kind of thing.

Less distractions and a pretty easy stage to mod.

Some people use that stage because of the lines and blocks. They use it to measure spacing for footsies, safe jumps, dive kicks, etc.

If it’s a Ryu that picks the training stage, I always think they are theorycrafting and trying to space me out according to the flavor of the week strategy. Keeps me paranoid. I like it. :rofl:

Mostly because people do the benchmark, get +60fps, but when they play on the stage with the cars their PC slows down and it lags the gameplay.

I hate it when they pick that stage. So boring.

I like the overpass stage, and anything at night. Still bummed that no extra stages have been released.

So there’s less chance that the game will lag.

It could also be because they think playing against you is like training mode. Nahh.

because their disrespecting you saying your easy training and not a challenge

I always choose random

I don’t chose random because I really HATE the drive in and the volcano stage. Seth’s laboratory also bugs me off.

I usually pick the temples, chun’s stage or the halong bay stage

Picking ‘Scrub Stage’ anymore doesn’t bother me, 'cause I modded it to be Crumbling Laboratory, music included.

Now all I need to do is change the stage select stuff to make it reflect the modding.

All online matches should be played on the Training stage.

Easy solution: make your own lobby.